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Brighton Journal | 5th April 2020

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A Day in Brighton For Free

A Day in Brighton For Free
Hannah Midgley

So as a lot of you know Brighton has become a very expensive place to visit. This is due to it’s popular tourism, especially within the past couple years due to the i360 opening. Plus, all the various cultural festivals that visit in the summer. However, what you don’t know or at least people tend to forget is that you can actually have a successful day out in Brighton without spending a penny!



Brighton Beach 

Brighton’s main exquisite attraction. Long seafront fully of wondrous and interesting shops to visit. There is also a wonderful view of the two piers hitting the sunset as the tide dives in.



Brighton Pier

Brighton’s other main attractive. Brighton Pier being around for many years and still as popular as day one. Even if you don’t want to spend a dime on the pier, it is still a lovely setting for a nice stroll along the end and stare at the sunset. A peaceful and exciting thing to do.


Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

Enjoy the marvellous, museum and art gallery located in the Pavilion Gardens. It is free all year round and contains hundreds of interesting and amazing artefacts from every decade, including some wonderful and unique artwork.


Booth Museum of Natural History

Take a look into over half a million specimens and natural history literature and data extending back of three centuries. They are all housed in this fascinating museum. Come see the star attraction, taxidermy collection of Edward Booth with hundreds of British birds displayed in a recreated natural setting.


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Brighton Marina 

With so many things to do, an 8 screen cinema, bowling alley, casino and health and fitness club. There’s no dull moment here. There even shopping, so many shops to explore and maybe you’ll like to enjoy the waterfront.



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