June 19, 2024

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A famous chocolate can no longer use its trademark | You need to remove it from its packaging

A famous chocolate can no longer use its trademark |  You need to remove it from its packaging

A popular brand of chocolates TobleroneIt was first sold in Switzerland 115 years ago. It will be forced by law to stop using the Matterhorn as a logo. You should take your latest decision to move your product to Slovakia from its packaging.

A signature creation by Swiss chocolatier Theodor Tobler in 1908. Affected by regulations that prevent the display of certain symbols, such as the Swiss national flag or the Matterhorn, on merchandise (also known as the Matterhorn) unless they are manufactured in the country.

Toblerone is also changing its motto

American multinational Mondales, the owner of Toblerone since 2012, presented the change to local newspaper Argauer Zeitung and further hinted. The slogan “Made in Switzerland”, together with the packaging, will be replaced by the phrase “Established in Switzerland”, and by legal obligation..

The According to Swiss laws, for a product to be made in the country, usually associated with higher prices, 80% of its raw materials must come from the territory.The percentage further increases to 100% in case of milk and its derivatives.

With its characteristic triangular shape, like the Matterhorn, Toblerone chocolate with almonds and honey is a must-have in all tourist shops in Switzerland, including those near one of the country’s highest points, the Alpine mountain. 4,478 meters.

The transfer of Toblerone production to Slovakia, specifically to a plant in the capital Bratislava, was announced in June last year after more than a century of production in Bern.

He Toblerone combines the last name of the brand’s founder with the Italian word “toron”, a honey and almond dessert. has a lexical origin similar to Spanish nougats.

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