April 24, 2024

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A fire in Chile's Valparaiso region has killed two people and damaged at least 20 homes

A fire in Chile's Valparaiso region has killed two people and damaged at least 20 homes
Firefighters spray water on burning homes during a wildfire in Valparaiso, Chile (Sebastian Cisternas, AP via Aden Chile).

That was a little over a month ago Vina del MarNow Valparaiso. The fire, which spread very quickly through residential areas, affected at least 20 homes and killed two minors, Chilean President Gabriel Boric said Thursday, as officials assessed the extent of the damage.

“So far 20 affected houses have been confirmed, and there have been no injuries or deaths in the Cerro Cordillera fire, however, two minors have died in a fire in a house in another section,” Boric said shortly before enacting a safety law. Personal.

Thanks to the quick deployment of firefighters and the National Forest Service, all fires reported in the Valparaiso area Wednesday were reported. “included” And the government is “focusing all its resources and energy on supporting all those in need.”

Several fires have shocked the Valparaíso region as fires ravaged a heavily populated area of ​​the Cerro Cordillera.

A man watches as his house burns (REUTERS/Rodrigo Garrido)

A sudden fire broke out in this area on Wednesday night “It had very explosive properties”Minister Carolina Doha said during the night that “it gained strength very quickly” and was favored by wind conditions and difficult access to the region, making it impossible to enter by air at night.

Half an hour later, a second fire broke out in another nearby area, Kurama, and a third fire broke out in another place after an hour and a half, but all the fires were brought under control by midnight, the minister said.

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Authorities ordered at least five neighboring neighborhoods to be cordoned off and the department was under surveillance for any attempted attack. “Rekindle These Fires”Doha added.

Several houses were damaged in Valparaiso (REUTERS/Rodrigo Garrido)

Chilean investigative police have launched an investigation to determine the origin of the fire. A video was posted on social networks showing a spark being started and flames shooting out.

The Chilean prosecutor's office interviewed witnesses who reported the use of arson, said special arson prosecutor Osvaldo Osanton, who said three sources of evidence for starting the fire were being considered and “We will investigate whether there is a connection between them.”

For its part, the Valparaiso prosecutor's office said it is investigating the deaths of the two teenagers and the origin of the fire. “Both juveniles were unaccompanied by a responsible adult at the time of the incident, which is part of the investigation“, the prosecution said in a statement.

A month ago, the region experienced its worst fire in decades, killing more than 134 people and destroying thousands of homes in the nearby towns of Viña del Mar, Quilpué and Villa Alemana. Area Central Valparaiso

(With information from AP)