April 25, 2024

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A former royal butler has revealed the unusual gifts King Carlos III used to give his servants

A former royal butler has revealed the unusual gifts King Carlos III used to give his servants

A former butler Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowles The intimacy within the royal family slipped away earlier in the day Christmas.

He also warned of what kind of gifts the King had given during his time as Prince of Wales. “I was told they give out funny gifts What do you pay for royalty to own everything?” commented Grant Harold.

We are close to celebrating Christmas It contains United Kingdom Before her death, the royal family is preparing to live up to one of the traditions that even Queen Elizabeth II cherished..

These ceremonies will be special Carlos and the whole clan, as they told the queen in her inner circle, without Lilibet’s presence. Despite his absence, the prizes will be there and according to Harald’s conversation with the British media GlassThey can change some issues.

Charles III prepares for his first Christmas as King of England(Source: Gtres)

Charles’ long-time employee, who volunteered at Highgrove for seven years, is now set to retire from her job and reveal a tradition the royal family has followed for decades. In principle, It is normal to deliver surprise packages before December 25thBut this time the little ones will find more presents under the Christmas tree on Sunday morning.

“I like to think that day is too Christmas children will receive Santa Claus and traditional gifts under the treeI think that’s when they find out that they give each other serious gifts,” Harold said, adding: “And I think they give serious things, but unfortunately I don’t know what, though. Let’s look at Catherine (Kate Middleton) wearing some new jewelry or something.

It is the Christmas tree of the British Royal Family
It is the Christmas tree of the British Royal Family(Source: Instagram (@throyalfamily)

In addition to the tradition that Carlos shares with his relatives, he regularly distributes gifts to his employees. Harold highlighted it as a good gesture on the part of the king, who offered Her autographed Christmas cards and unexpected, curious items not normally found under the treeHe. “At Christmas, we always get the famous card. I remember getting them from him before he married the now Queen Consort, William and HarryIt was always very special,” he recounted.

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“The other thing I did was we all had these boxes where I would get the mail in the morning, and what I did at Christmas was I left funny little things. He left a can of salmon one time and one year I got a ribbon wrapped salt and pepper planter. “They would give him a basket, sometimes there were a lot of them, and he would give us a few pieces,” Harald said of the hilarious gifts he received. Carlos had given him on past occasions.

This is normal though Christmas Many employers give gifts to their employees, in this case, it is a British family tradition to do so Fun stuff, something that did not happen in other European monarchies. “You don’t expect those little things. It shows that they have that fun and practical side.. But for appropriate gifts it can be teacups and saucers or whiskey glasses. One year I got a beautiful jug of water”Harold concluded.