June 6, 2023

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A legislator has been talking for seven weeks to block the Disabled Persons Act Machaela Cavanaugh uses a legal tool, filibustering

Parliamentary activities in the US state of Nebraska have been suspended for almost two months. Accepted by Machaela Cavanagh dead endsA legal practice, for Prevents the conduct of legislation against the trans community.

What is filibusterism? In speaking without time limit. “I will continue to do everything I can for our children. No matter what happens today, I will continue to fight. I’m sorry I can’t do more, I’m doing my best,” the Democratic lawmaker said.

Nebraska Republicans introduced the bill in January. The bill prohibits treating all children under the age of 19 based on gender identity and fines doctors who treat them.

Cavanaugh has vetoed all bills in the Nebraska Legislature and is the first female legislator in the state to do so. Nebraska has 49 senators 32 are Republicans and 17 are Democrats. A law was approved by a simple majority, but the act of filibustering required 33 votes, one more than Republicans, allowing Kavanagh’s parliamentary blockade to extend over time.

Additionally, the regulation of filibusterism is more flexible in Nebraska because it is not continuous speech. up to Establishes a fourth interval. Seating and toilet spaces are permitted. Even so, Cavanaugh monopolized the word in sessions lasting up to 12 hours.

Legislate hate

“I’ll say whatever I want”said the state senator. So her speech was not just about the trans question, but about the animated movies her family and her children watch. All to block the Anti-Transfer Act.

“This bill doesn’t come from a place to elevate a particular community, but to try to eradicate its existence,” Cavanaugh said. “I can think of that as the most repugnant way to public policy. Therefore, there must be. In short, It legitimizes hate.”he added.

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The legislator estimated that “They choose to prioritize hate legislation over the economic well-being of the state.”Cavanaugh said. “It’s a choice they make. They have the power and the ability to move our economy forward, to discuss things like child care subsidies, food insecurity and education.”

Advanced conservative

The progress against them goes hand-in-hand with the fact that the Roe vs. match marks a halt. Wade of 1973. Half a century ago, that US Supreme Court decision legalized abortion in the country. In June 2022, the Supreme Court reversed that ruling and led to a conservative attack Every state should legislate against the right to abortion. Along with that, they also wanted to go against gender identity like Nebraska.

So far in 2023, 136 bills have been introduced in state legislatures to ban or restrict the care of minors in gender identity matters. Thirteen states have passed laws banning drugs and surgery for people with disabilities. In addition to Nebraska, the states are Arizona, Texas, and Missouri It has restricted care for youth with disabilities without legislating those limits.