April 23, 2024

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A man donated a kidney to his mother-in-law, his girlfriend left him, and a month later he married another

A young man decided to post on his account TikTok A video telling about the unfortunate episode in which he lived with his ex-girlfriend immediately went viral. “I do not think it’s out of control“It simply came to our notice then.

This is a teacher from Pajo California, Mexico, Named Uzil Martínez. In the video he explained the big gesture he made His girlfriend’s mother: donated a kidney to him. But the problem is then, when The young woman left him and went with another man.

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With more than 14 million views, Uzil posted a TikTok: “I donated a kidney to his mom. He left me and got married a month ago.” Immediately, it was filled with user comments and the author decided to respond to some. “Really I’m fine, I’m emotionally fine, I think she’s there too ”, Under control.

In response to another user, he revealed: “I have nothing against her and we are in a good relationship. We are not friends, but we do not hate each other. ”

After the viral video, he explained to his followers that his relationship with his ex-girlfriend was in good shape. (Catch the dictator)

Regarding the donation, Uzziel promised that he would be well because the surgery would not interfere with his health. One follower suggested he never do the same again and with some inconsistencies, he responded: “We only have two kidneys, and if I had already given one, I would have only one other., So … you can not feel it. “

The girlfriend left him because Mortadella made the sandwich

In recent days, a young man from La Rioja has gone viral Mortadella made sandwiches And cheese with cola drink to accompany the dinner he meets his girlfriend’s parents. However, in the face of that circumstance, She decided to end the initial relationship. The reason for the split, he explained to himself, was his ex-girlfriend Dislike menu: It seemed dangerous.

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The story later appeared on the networks, from anonymously, the young man told his story to the press. Pedro Nicholas Juarez, Posted on Facebook.