November 30, 2023

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A month before the election, Oscar Ruggeri criticized the presidential candidates

A month before the election, Oscar Ruggeri criticized the presidential candidates
Oscar Ruggeri erupted against politics before the presidential election

Oscar Ruggeri erupted with anger against the political class and targeted the nation’s three candidates for president. In the middle of the show F90 On ESPN where he is participating, the historic former defender who was world champion with Argentina in Mexico 86 took over 15 minutes to express his anger about the current situation the country is going through.

Less than a month before the presidential election, Cabezon went under heavy security after traveling to Pergamino over the weekend and traveling one of Argentina’s routes. “In all the fields we have, we cannot be complacent. We should be good because this is a fascinating country. Everyone is jealous of us and we can’t even begin. They fight, argue… posters, all over the province when I go. The money these Pichu Sons spend here. Then they say ‘for the people’. Stop advertising. If you are going to watch a discussion now. Now we’re going to listen to all three of them, then vote for the one you like,” said the former River Plate Central marker.

Don’t spend more money, feed the kids, they say 2 million kids are hungry… posters… and then I say, ‘Look at the money these people spend making faces’, they’re all the same, they’re all smiling at you. I’m not going to vote for you with a smiley face. So what’s the use to me, I’m not going to vote for you. Talk to me, tell me what you’re going to do, and then I’ll choose whoever I want,” he said, scrutinizing the candidates’ actions and the ads that appeared with their proposals.

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Immediately, Ruggeri again targeted candidates to lead the country, but this time he focused on Argentina’s spending and social situation. “Let them pay for their wrongdoings, let them pay with their wealth. Crazy, let them pay with their stuff. Do you want to be president? Yes, you are the president, but look, if you steal, we will go with all the assets you have, we will take everything from you.… We’ll see what they do and how many show up later. Gonna have to do it someday, for my grandkids… how can people be hungry. Let’s uplift the poor, uplift the middle class. All down. Let’s go up. Downward is not the same. Shame they equalized. “For the poor, we’re going to lift them out of poverty and get everybody into the middle class.”

As everyone watched the monologue in the Sports Channel studio, the former coach compared life in our country to the rest of the world. “To walk on the street with joy. You go to Europe, in Qatar, people are walking down the street with joy, they are smiling. We’re here, and you’re hunkering down to see if they’ll wipe you out. You are upset because you have to pay this tax and another, you cannot make ends meet. Change that head man. For the three who are now going to present themselves,” he warned.

Another aspect that Ruggeri chose to focus on was the recent tax measures and he asked the government to provide a better standard of living for the underprivileged. “We need to help, we’re going to help. What are we working to do more than what we’re already doing? They’re deducting us, we’re paying taxes. No more money, no more money. To qualify, you have to work. Start a company, start companies, let them work, people are getting paid, they are going to buy what they need. He buys whatever he wants for food, they don’t give a packet of rice, a packet of noodles… It’s not possible, how many of us are there, 6, 8 million people who pay taxes. We have to bank on this whole festival … it’s impossible, you’re melting“, Ruggeri said regarding the latest tax measures announced.

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And he added: “The first thing you should do is: Children should eat four meals a day.. Because they are not going to eat breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. It is your duty. And the seniors who gave their lives for the country, our retirees. Work all your life. Take care of them. Actually increase them. No, 80 thousand, they give bonus. “Three hundred lucas to be paid.”

El Cabezón also did not miss the issue of security and pointed against the authorities for the care of citizens. “How are they going to say that there are one and a half lakh children in my country who eat badly, don’t eat and don’t go to school. How can they not be ashamed? When they eat with the family, they don’t talk a bit about what they saw. Three, four, five, six people die every day because some kid just shoots you out of nowhere. We are worthless”.

“To take the cell phone from them, they shoot them and leave. Nothing like it. ‘What happened? He is a minor.’ Other families visit or bury a father or child. And the other child? No, he’s a minor, can’t do anything, and is handed over to his parents. Come on, work. Many more of us should live well. massive. Throw them in jail. Build another prison. Slayer, with gray hair. How is he going to walk around with a gun, murder. Now they’ll bite me, but I’m going to tell them. “I’m bloated with all your balls,” he concluded.

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Before concluding his lengthy argument, he left a final message for the three candidates, whom he did not name in all his appearances on TV. “You must change your mind. We cannot go out. Many of you have social condemnation. I invite you to walk. They do not care, they are shielded.”.