December 2, 2023

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A pig named Kevin Bacon was found after actor Kevin Bacon screamed

A pig named Kevin Bacon was found after actor Kevin Bacon screamed

A pig named Kevin Bacon, who spent more than two weeks on the run in Pennsylvania, has finally returned home thanks to some sticky buns, Benadryl, and a shout-out from his namesake actor, Kevin Bacon.

Chelsea Rambo brought Juliana’s 2-year-old, 200-pound pig home to her farm in Cumberland Township on Oct. 13 — but the next day, the pesky pig dug under his pen and escaped, she previously wrote on Facebook. Titled “Bring Home Kevin”.

“We were very close [to Kevin] “My 16 year old son was petting him,” Rambo wrote on the page. “He stayed close but eventually took off into the woods.”

Over the next two weeks, the pig spent its time wandering the woods in the area, occasionally showing up at neighbors’ homes but evading capture.

Kevin was let out of his pen on October 14, and was finally arrested on Tuesday after wandering the area for weeks.
Kevin’s Adventures Home / Facebook
Kevin wandered into the woods near his owners’ home and was seen visiting their neighbors but never allowed himself to be caught.
Kevin’s Adventures Home / Facebook

Rambo launched a Facebook page to alert local hunters and ask neighbors to help track down Kevin. The page quickly took off, attracting thousands of followers concerned about the pig.

When award-winning actor Kevin Bacon learned of the loose pig, he stepped in to spread the news. Publishing to Meta’s Thread: “Bring Kevin home!”

Meanwhile, Kevin the pig was constantly wandering near the house, but would run away whenever someone approached.

“Kevin and I have been singing and dancing since 8:30 a.m.,” Rambo wrote on October 30, the day before he was re-arrested.

Chelsea Rambo documented Kevin’s adventures on a Facebook page called “Bring Kevin Home.”
Kevin’s Adventures Home / Facebook
Kevin is finally arrested after eating a sticky cake laced with Benadryl.
Kevin’s Adventures Home / Facebook

“He approached, I waited and then approached him, and he walked away. He didn’t even ask to dance, he just thought it sounded fun I guess,” she wrote.

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A frustrated Rambo decides to spike a sticky bun with Benadryl in hopes of putting Kevin to sleep.

“The Benadryl sticky bun got eaten and now I’m looking for a passed out pig somewhere. We saw it at 6:40 in the yard so I’m hoping it’s soon.”

Hours later, she posted a photo of Kevin in his pen: “He’s home.”

She said Kevin, who is now adjusting to his new home and socializing with his fellow pigs, will spend his time relaxing and eating some snacks.

Rambo also said she is considering writing a series of children’s books based on Kevin’s adventures.

The Facebook page has since been renamed “Kevin’s Home Adventures,” which documents his daily antics on the farm.