March 30, 2023

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A policeman’s death underscores the nexus between the government and the force A case for monopolizing the public agenda

From Santiago

Attack of the Carabinero Alex SalazarIn the middle of a procedure in the southern city of Concepcion early Sunday morning, a subtle friction between the company and the government erupted. Gabriel Boric, through the statements of its general director, Ricardo Yanez: “(I) want to tell the police that this is not another case. This is a case to re-open the debate, and here I call upon all Members of Parliament, for all indications, and for all Bills sent to Congress, so that this Act may be approved once and for all. Court lines are clear, Police officers do not need to suspect, where police officers are not afraid of encountering crimes and use all the features provided to them by the law.

And he added: “Enough is enough, enough is enough. If we want a safe country, if we want to live in peace, we will hand over the conditions, hand over the tools And we work together so that regulations and laws provide adequate tools for police officers to go to work with peace of mind.

His statements were not only amplified by the media and social networks, but also took advantage of the national debate A sense of violence experienced by Chileans, where the homicide rate increased by 44.6%., but they consider the government, especially Interior Minister Carolina Doha, Yañez to La Moneda last Tuesday, to have made a “political” statement that was inappropriate for a representative of the Chilean police. All this followed the death of a policeman who had been with the company for 15 years and was married with two children.

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Government figure – historical daughter Jose DohaDefense Minister Salvador AllendeThe general, who was killed after a 1973 coup – was condemned by the opposition, however, as President Gabriel Boric signaled support for the police on Monday, signaling another communication mismatch between the president and his ministers. Trademark of this Govt.

However, Doha pointed out that this kind of situation, described as “deadlock”, is “healthy for democracy” and that the police should be very careful that their opinion is not confused with political debate. .

891 policemen were injured in three months

Yance’s reaction is on the one hand reasonable, A large number of Carabineros have been injured in various police procedures, which has already reached 891 this year and seven deaths last year.. On the other hand, the legislative agenda has stalled with various bills – most of them originating from the right – that seek to give the Chilean police more powers to act more forcefully and effectively in combating acts of violence. .

The social outburst of October 2019 put the Carabineros in the spotlight. Several special forces uniformed men were convicted or investigated for shooting into the eyes of protesters, injuring more than 300 people due to eye trauma. The violence of the day, along with various corruption cases in its wake, was one of the plans for the failed new constitution, which Boric, as a presidential candidate, intervened and reformed in his early days. Company.

Mass funeral

Salazar’s funeral in Concepción was grand and attended by Yanez and Doha. The caravan went from that city to Huentelolan, Cañete, about two hours away, in the heart of Araucania, where the Carabinero was born.

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All this pain was reflected in the statements of the officer’s widow, Marley Victoriano: “I was watching (this news) on television and I said: “What (bad) is happening! What a pity, what an outrage, because these families are in a state of destitution. There is no justice for them», (…) I can only wait until the maximum sentence is imposed, which is the minimum sentence I am asking for. If not, we’re going to continue to appeal and get this person sentenced in Chile. This is due to the Venezuelan citizenship of her husband’s killer.

And he also condemned Boric: “The Carabineros have no tools to defend themselves. And let’s not talk about physical problems… Laws don’t protect them, they don’t have the support of the government”. . I’m not a message guy, I like to say things up front. And I think the president has the pants on to tell me what he thinks.”

The Chilean president, who toured the north of the country, limited himself to pointing out: “I understand the words of pain, frustration and anger of the corporal’s widow, and I cannot sympathize with her. I will not contradict her under any circumstances. I respect your position. I spoke with the general (Yáñez). As soon as we came to know about this outrage, we made all the necessary arrangements, it is not acceptable and I have great lack of respect for a mother, a widow in pain and trying to argue with her. Two children, suffering.