June 16, 2024

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A powerful editorial from The Washington Post on how the brutal repression machine is working in Venezuela

A powerful editorial from The Washington Post on how the brutal repression machine is working in Venezuela
Nicolás Maduro (EFE / Miraflores Press)

“Everyone knows the pains of Venezuela under the government of Nicolás Maduro and his mentor Hugo Chávez.: Years of severe economic decline, the erosion of democracy and an epic exodus from the country. Now comes the details How Maduro has personally led the rogue security services to quell the conflict.

Thus begins the editorial of Forceful, September 29, The Washington PostIt shows how Nicolás Maduro personally used the brutal security services to silence the opposition.

The Third statement Published by an international fact-finding mission set up by the UN Human Rights Council, with previous ones from 2020 and 2021, Nicolás Maduro’s regime committed crimes against humanity in a “widespread and systematic attack against a civilian”.As a result “political dissent was largely suppressed.”

As he sums up MailThe reports, based on 471 interviews, “present a startling picture Maduro’s Police State.” Among the tortures and punishments that appear in the reports are: “severe beatings with clubs and sharp objects; Electric shock to sensitive parts of the body; Asphyxiation with toxic substances and water; Cuts and lacerations under the soles of the feet and under the nails… Rape with objects; beating and electric shock to the genitals; constant light or constant darkness; extreme heat or extreme cold; Compulsive eating with feces and vomiting; Also death threats and threats of rape against the victims and their families.

Order to SEBIN
The order to SEBIN “came directly from President Maduro”

A new report by the UN Human Rights Council directly indicts the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM), and the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN). The panel concludes that the “crimes and violations” committed by these agencies are “particularly heinous” against vulnerable detainees.. None of these agencies have been investigated for crimes, the report says, and “damages [las víctimas] The victim remains unaddressed.”

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But who is really responsible? Dear Nicolas Maduro, Issuer of “direct orders” to the Chairman of DGCIM, in person or over the phone – but not in writing. Additionally, the order to SEBIN “came directly from President Maduro,” the statement said.

And, in some cases, as a senior official revealed, when a target was under SEBIN surveillance, “President Maduro wanted to know what the person was doing 24 hours a day, so the director general sent him information every two hours.

Thus, the UN report concludes, Maduro and his senior officials “stand out as key architects in the design, implementation and maintenance of the apparatus.”

“This statement comes at a critical time for US policy, which has sought to isolate the Maduro regime and still endorses it Juan Quito Although democratically elected as interim president, Maduro appears to be consolidating his control. “Leftist governments coming to power in Latin America appear ready to restore relations with Venezuela. US officials have met twice this year directly with the Venezuelan government to discuss the release of wrongfully detained US citizens. Meanwhile, the flow of Venezuelan refugees is a heavy burden for the Western Hemisphere and the US. In all of this, Mr. Maduro’s crimes should not be overlooked.

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