September 29, 2023

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ABC’s ‘Queens’ Canceled – No Season 2 for Brandy, Eve Drama

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ABC abolished its throne Queens.

TVLine has learned that the network has canceled the musical, which will not return for a second season.

Queens It averaged 1.9 million viewers along with a demo rating of 0.5 (with Live + 7 DVR playback in mind). Among the eight dramas aired by ABC this television season, it ranks last in audience and only the best Promised Land in the show. fact, Queens It was the least-watched non-CW freshman drama this television season.

Queens Eve, Brandi, Natori Naughton, and Nadine Velasquez starred as members of a ’90s girl rap group called Nasty Bitches. At the start of the series, the estranged bandmates reunite after a sample of one of their songs rekindled the audience’s interest. Over the course of the first season, the women settled into their decades-old arguments and drew closer, eventually opening their own record label. But the group fractured when Briana was shot mid-season and walked off screen after recovering, a move made to accommodate Eve’s real pregnancy.

In a fast-forward show on the first season finale, Nasty Bitches – who called themselves the Queens – started a live show that looked like Brianna Probably They’re back…but the episode ended on a cliffhanger before the audience could confirm.

“We know there is someone under the fourth spotlight, and who is it?!” series creator/presenter Zaher McGee told TVLine in February. “Obviously, the fans and I wish it was Eve.”

He added, “I know she’s very proud of the show, and I know she’s watching it. And obviously the show is better With Ha. So, we definitely hope she’ll come back. But that’s not something I ask her about, because [new motherhood] It’s just way more important, and we want to give her that time and that space.”

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ABC also confirmed that the Latin Family Soap Promised Land He will not return for a second season. snatched from the schedule After just five broadcasts and switched to Hulu, Promised Land Average viewership reached 2.7 million viewers (only the best Queensout of all written ABC fare) and a 0.2 beta rating, with Live+7 running.