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According to international rankings, Argentine alfajores are among the top 3 cookies in the world

According to international rankings, Argentine alfajores are among the top 3 cookies in the world
Argentina’s Alfajar has one of the highest positions in a prestigious international ranking (Freepik).

He Caramel Cookie It is a dessert or snack representative of Argentine culture. The perfect combination of soft and fluffy dough, often with a slightly crumbly texture, encases the generous layers. Caramel sauce. With a harmonious balance between sweet and creamy, it is another icon in the country’s cuisine.

That’s why it’s a valuable guide of cooking recommendations Atlas of Taste Argentina placed Alfajr Third place A list With the best 100 cookies in the world.

Alfajores are served Various shapes and sizes, traditional ones covered in chocolate or cornmeal with coconut flakes, to more innovative versions with creative decorations and different fillings like fruits or nuts, to name a few. This dessert is not only appreciated in Argentina, but now it has a special place World culinary culture.

More than 8,000 people voted to make the list, and an overwhelming majority chose the Argentine alfajer as their favorite cookie (getty).

Recommendations provided by the guide are the result of feedback Culinary critics of all the world. On the other hand, their ranks are made up votes Made by readers. In this case, they registered 8,076 votes It decided which were the favorite cookies.

Their description from a guide to Argentina alfajor a A view of history A dessert that emphasizes the cultural significance of alfajer and the considerable diversity it offers throughout the Latin American region National variation: “Argentine alfajores Sandwich Cookies Two round, crumbly sweet cookies with a dulce de leche or leche jam filling between them. The mixture is covered with a layer of chocolate or sprinkled with icing sugar.

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“The name Alfajar is derived from the Arabic word Al-Hasu, i.e. filling. Although cookies are found throughout Latin America, they originated in Andalusia, Spain. When the Spanish came to the Americas, they brought their foods and traditions with them, and over time, almost all Latin American countries. They have made the Spanish alfajar their own“, they added.

Argentine alfajores top list of best alfajores in the world (Freepik)

In the new ranking, first place Petticoat tailsA dessert Scottish It got its name thanks to its shape similar to the pieces of cloth used to make similar clothes.

“Delicate petticoat tails get their unique name and unique shape from their resemblance to the strips of fabric used to make elaborate 16th-century petticoats, including Mary Queen of Scots, who is said to have loved these cookies. Sweet and buttery,” they describe from the publication. And they add: “However , another less romantic theory suggests that its name may be derived from petits cotés, an old French word for small cookies. Whatever their true origin, petticoat tails remain a Scottish favourite.

Secondly, the Magroot louseComes from Algeria. These are cookies made without flour, only with almonds, sugar and eggs. While eating them, the Smooth texture Melts in your mouth. from Atlas of Taste They recommend accompanying them with coffee or tea.

List created by Taste Atlas

Meanwhile, about this dessert, the ranking highlights: “Magroud el louse are flourless Algerian cookies flavored with almonds, eggs, sugar and orange blossom water. They are baked until lightly browned and then rolled in powdered sugar to coat them completely. Once consumed, the makrut el bane melts in the mouth. These cookies are recommended to be served with a cup of tea or coffee.

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After the alfajores, occupy it third place, are seen stroopwafel of Netherlands. This dessert contains Scales The syrup is united by a sweet layer of sugar, butter and cinnamon. They are usually stacked like waffles.

There are number five in position Melomacarona Greeks This, according to the Cooking Recommendations Guide, is usually given as gifts Christmas. They are made with semolina and honey, orange zest, cinnamon and olive oil.

The iconic American chocolate chip cookies ranked No. 7

Place number 6 has Mexican cuisine Little pigs. from Atlas of Taste They comment, “Marranito or puerquito is a traditional Mexican sweet bread. There are cakes like this little shortbread cookie Pig shape And they are flavored with ginger. Cinnamon and allspice are usually added to impart their characteristic flavor.

Regular Chocolate Chip Cookies They rank 7th in the United States. They are best with milk, tea or coffee. Their flavor stands out, combining sweet with salty notes, and their particularity Chewing system.

Speculations, from the Netherlands, are in eighth place. They are usually prepared in the days leading up to the celebration St. Nicholas Day December 6. Traditionally, children put their shoes under the fireplace before going to sleep, and if they have behaved well during the year, these cookies will appear inside the shoes. They are decorated with all kinds of pictures, From windmills to animals.

Baci di dama is ranked 10th as one of the best cookies in the world (Getty).

In ninth place are Austrian cookies Vanilla Pearl. His particular way half moon Differentiates them from other sweets in the region. In their composition, they may ground nuts Nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds. They are commonly consumed christmas, Covered in powdered sugar or chocolate.

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The tenth place is occupied by tradition Pasi de Tama Italian. These are hazelnut butter cookies Filled with a layer of chocolate Mix in the hazelnuts. “The name of these cookies suggests them Visual aspect“Because it reminds me of two mouths kissing or a woman’s mouth (women usually don’t open their mouths when they kiss because it’s considered rude),” they comment from the publication.