February 21, 2024

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Action Clicks: This BlackBerry-like iPhone case could be a winner

Action Clicks: This BlackBerry-like iPhone case could be a winner

It feels great in the hand, with a nice, subtly squishy silicone feel, and looks well thought out overall. The phone fits So Securely, I especially like the leather square around the back that goes under your fingertips. Not only does it provide extra grip when typing, it makes your iPhone look like a classic camera when you hold it horizontally.

You can tap a button to activate the backlight, and there's a dedicated Command key for shortcuts — for example, press Command + Spacebar and then you can start typing in the iPhone's global Spotlight search without ever touching the screen. iOS lets you create additional keyboard shortcuts, also. Tapping the space bar lets you scroll a page at a time on the web, and iOS autocorrect works as you'd expect.

But I have one concern.

As you can see in the video above, Clicks brought at least four different prototypes to CES 2024, each with a different Click, and I really liked the two that aren't working yet. The jobs were a bit tough or sticky.

Don't get me wrong, I liked those final clicks a lot – the final engineering sample of the clicks' mechanical structure is delightfully tactile. Combine that with the larger, wider keys you get on clicks for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and I think it could be a winner.

But Clicks says it will ship iPhone 14 Pro cases just three weeks from today, and was unable to bring final samples to CES. I hope manufacturing goes smoothly, but I may wait for reviews.