June 23, 2024

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Add Knives Mystery Josh O’Connor and Kylie Spaeny

Add Knives Mystery Josh O’Connor and Kylie Spaeny

Update: Andrew Scott, was recently seen on We are all strangers And Netflix Ripleynow too It has been confirmed by Variety Like joining a cast.

Just last week, we learned the title of Rian Johnson’s latest work Take out the knives puzzle – The dead man woke up (Yes, without a comma). The writer/director didn’t share any casting, but word has since gotten out (initially via… What’s on Netflix It has since been confirmed by The Deals) that the first two pieces of the collection about returning veteran Daniel Craig have been closed: UnitedJosh O’Connor and PriscillaKaylee Spaeny.

Beyond that, the information is basically zero – we don’t know, for example, what kind of mystery Detective Benoit Blanc (Craig) will be looking for this time, nor do we know exactly where (rumors have indicated, to say the least). Shooting in London.

the Take out the knives The films have always boasted eclectic ensemble casts, with Ana de Armas, Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis being among those who starred in the 2019 original film of the same name, while Edward Norton, Kate Hudson and Janelle Monáe were part of The Glass Onion: A Knives Mystery In 2022, as part of Netflix’s mega deal with Johnson, Craig, and producer Ram Bergman for two new films.

O’Connor and Spaeny are the first two confirmed names, while rumors have swirled of talks between Tom Hardy and Lindsay Lohan.

Johnson is set to begin filming soon, and Netflix is ​​looking to ready this film for a 2025 release.

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