February 3, 2023

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Alec Baldwin is troubled by new FBI reports on the death of Halina Hutchins

Time after death Halina Hutchins On a film set Rust, Alec Baldwin He gave an interview to the chain ABC Y He vehemently denied firing. However, the FBI forensic report concluded that the weapon was It couldn’t shoot itself.

“Having hammered in the positions it was in, The barrel cannot be fired without pulling the trigger”, warns the report about the Colt 45 caliber revolver used on the film set.

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That’s what it means The actor may face criminal charges for the incident It cost him his life Director of photography. Additionally, the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the case will go to the District Attorney.

Alec Baldwin grieves after learning he accidentally killed a “Rust” cameraman. (Photos: Santa Fe New Mexican/KOB Capture)

Alec Baldwin blames Halina Hutchins for accidental shooting on set of “Rust”

In March, when he appeared in court, Alec Baldwin tried to avoid his responsibility In an accident On a film set Rust. He assured that it was him Halina Hutchins The one who instructed her on how to handle the weapon from where the bullet that killed her came from.

Halina Hutchins is 42 years old and has had a promising career in Hollywood.  (Photo: instagram/HalinaHutchins).
Halina Hutchins is 42 years old and has had a promising career in Hollywood. (Photo: instagram/HalinaHutchins).

In his case against the producers of the film and their partners, Baldwin denied wrongdoing. Upon Hutchins’ death, the contract warned that he had no financial responsibility for the film.

Here’s what Alec Baldwin had to say about the moment he shot Halina Hutchins

In the letter, Baldwin assured Hutchins that he had explained How to handle a gun He used a church set to rehearse the scene.

“She instructed Baldwin to hold the gun high, so that it could be aimed at her. He watched the monitor carefully and then Baldwin. In giving and following these instructions, Hutchins and Baldwin shared a fundamental and important belief: The gun was cool And there are no ‘live’ bullets in it,” the actor’s legal representatives pointed out.

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A Hollywood actor accidentally kills a cameraman during a shoot "Rust".  (Photo: Santa Fe New Mexican)
Hollywood Actor Accidentally Kills Cameraman While Shooting ‘Rust’ (Photo: Santa Fe New Mexican)

As the script indicated, Baldwin asked Hutchins if she wanted to remove the hammer from the gun, and she said yes. “He withdrew the hammer But the gun is not enough. When he released it, the gun exploded,” he said.

This point of presentation is similar to what Baldwin commented on In an amazing interview. The actor had said that I did not fire a gun.