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| October 23, 2018

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Amazing Brighton Lifeguard Helps Elderly Woman Dip Toes in Sea

Amazing Brighton Lifeguard Helps Elderly Woman Dip Toes in Sea
Jack Mitchell-Charman
The pictures have gone viral on the Brighton People Facebook group.

A heart-warming moment between a lifeguard and an elderly woman has captured the hearts of the Brighton community.

The pictures were shared to Brighton People, a page dedicated to Brighton news and gossip, by member Heaven-Leigh Rose Ellison.

She felt impelled to capture the tender exchange, stating that: “I just wanted to share a moment that absolutely made my day.”

Heaven contextualised the pictures, conveying that they portrayed a “Brighton lifeguard helping a lady walk on the pebbles so she could dip her toes in the sea.”

Heaven’s post has gained popularity for all the right reasons, so far amassing around 2300 likes, with this number set to grow given the wholesomeness of the content.

A local lifeguard has received mass praise

The adoration for the images comes in spite of Heaven labelling them as “rubbish pictures”, with the sentiment behind them enough to overcome any problems with camera quality.

Several lovely comments were shared on the post.

One group member said that: “This brought a tear to my eye, beautiful. Thank you for sharing.”

Another declared it as representing “what makes Brighton special”, with the picture reflecting the inclusiveness and caring nature of the community.

The lifeguard, Jake Walker, played down the moment, seeing it as just another task completed in his job: “As a lifeguard, you get a lot of questions and people asking for a bit of help.”

He seems to think that it was “just lucky someone took a photo of it.”

Either way, this lovely, commendable moment, deserves all the praise it is receiving.



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