June 9, 2023

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Amelie, sister Madeleine McCann, photographed and spoke publicly for the first time: ‘It’s a sad occasion’

On May 3, 2007, a global mystery was opened, which has not yet found a precise answer. This is the day Madeleine McCann is missingA 3-year-old British girl who was on holiday with her family Portugal. After 16 years of that tragic event, for the first time His sister was seen in public He was honored with awareness and Look asked His cousin, who would be 19 years old today.

Amelie and Sean McCann were in the same hotel room in Praia da Luz Madeleine was last seen by her parents. The twins are more than two years old and were asleep at the time of the incident His sister was taken from the spot, he was also resting without the supervision of elders. Thus, None of them could testify to what happened At that time, the life of his entire family was paralyzed.

Madeleine McCann was 3 when she disappeared (Photo: FILE)

The presence of witnesses near Madeleine’s family during her final moments was almost nil Various versions of what happened on the night of May 3. From abduction to domestic crime, the theories police have entertained regarding the girl’s disappearance. It is still sought after in all parts of the world today. Despite the great mobilization of their parents, they were able to get the trial to continue They don’t give the expected result: finding her.

However, their faith did not rest. Recently, family and relatives held their traditional annual vigil On a New Year’s Eve party that disappeared. The meeting was held in Rothley, LeicestershireMaddie’s hometown. overnight, Candles were lit in the street, There is a memorial to the fallen soldiers, but it was turned into a memorial to the missing children.

Amelie attended a vigil for her sister (Photo Twitter @DailyMailUK)

For the first time, Amelie attended with her parents, Gary and Kate.. Young He is 18 years old This was one of the few times his picture was shared publicly. Her family tried to protect her during the search, as did her brother who decided not to go to the latest event, which was attended by at least 70 people.

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Place British Daily Mail Who was They circulated pictures of the teenager, she also got the support of her friends. Revent could see that she was moved by the words he spoke to his sister Rob GladstoneHe who was in charge of issuing the prayer: “Tonight we have come to show our loving concern Madeleine And for everyone Young children separated from their families against their will. We are here to trust each other and pray for renewed strength even after this long.”

Although the family restrained themselves from asking and praying prayers and poems to the girl, Amelie posted a short statement on the spot: “It’s good for everyone to be together, but it’s a sad occasion.” This is the first time the young woman has heard of her sister’s disappearance.

A few photos of the sprawling McCann family were shown Three small childrenBefore Maddy disappeared. There, Amelie and Sean are very young After that, they were rarely photographed by the press in an attempt to protect their image, as the global fame of the case might suggest the parents’ intention that the twins could have “a normal life”.

Surprised young woman appears in front of cameras for the first time (Photo Twitter @DailyMailUK)

But the mystery of what the now 18-year-old would look like, whether she would look like Maddy or not, ended with the release of these photos. Amelie was blonde, with long hair and light blue eyes, and she caught everyone’s attention when she noticed. There is a great physical resemblance to his sisterIt only shows a woman’s appearance, so it can be a great guide to clarify how she would look today.

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