July 13, 2024

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American tourist arrested after smashing ancient Roman sculptures in response to not seeing the Pope at the Vatican

American tourist arrested after smashing ancient Roman sculptures in response to not seeing the Pope at the Vatican

A disgruntled American tourist who had hoped to see the Pope while visiting the Vatican was disappointed by the smashing of ancient Roman statues.

A man described as an American tourist – whose identity has not been revealed – demanded on Wednesday to meet the head of the Catholic Church, according to a Romanian newspaper. Il Messaggero.

After being informed that this wish for a vacation could not be fulfilled, the man reportedly set off in a rage and grabbed one of the ancient Roman statues lining the wall of the Chiaramonti Museum and toppled it to the ground.

Inside the Chiaramonti Museum, which joins the small Belvedere Palace to the Vatican Palaces, there are more than 1,000 pieces of art and the site is considered to house one of the most important collections of Roman busts.

Of those busts, at least two were damaged in the man’s tantrum, according to Matteo Alessandrini, director of the Vatican Museums press office, who confirmed the damage with the man. CNN.

The two statues were damaged but not particularly severely. One of them lost part of his nose and ear, and the head of the other came off the base. ”

The repair cost of these busts will be around 15,000 euros ($14,800) and their restoration will take about 300 hours, Adnkronos mentioned.

CNN reported that the man, who was estimated to be in his 50s, was handed over to Italian authorities after Vatican police were able to quickly intercept him in order to do more harm.

He is expected to face charges of serious damages. USA TODAY mentioned.

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This incident marks the latest occasion in the past few months that Roman artifacts and tourist sites have come under attack by tourists.

In July, a Canadian tourist visiting the Italian city carved his name on the side of the Colosseum.

The Italian capital’s Spanish stairs have also been the target of deformation not once but twice after a Saudi visitor drove his luxury Maserati down the iconic stairs, after which a pair of American tourists pushed electric scooters down the 297-year-old monument, causing damage $27,000, from the inside mentioned.