February 26, 2024

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An 18-year-old GTA 6 hacker has been sentenced to life imprisonment in a hospital prison

An 18-year-old GTA 6 hacker has been sentenced to life imprisonment in a hospital prison

Screenshot: Rockstar Games/Kotaku

18 year old hacker Responsible for stealing and releasing dozens of clips Grand theft auto 6 He was sentenced last year to life imprisonment in a prison hospital. He can only be released in the future if doctors decide he no longer poses a risk to others. the BBC Reports.

It was Arion Kurtag Arrested by London Police in Oxford September 2022 Shortly after the piracy wave ended with a slew of in-development screenshots from Rockstar Games being unleashed online. He pleaded not guilty at the time, and was later put on trial for cybercrimes linked to the hacking group Lapsus$ which included hacking Uber and Nvidia as well as leaking previously undisclosed blockbuster films. GTA 6.

Health workers deemed Kurtag unfit to stand trial due to his severe autism. A jury later decided he was responsible for the hacks, even if they were not allowed to determine criminal intent. The Count finds that Kurtag managed to hack into Rockstar’s systems from his hotel room Using Amazon Firestick only. He brazenly posted on the company’s Slack site at the time that he was one of the hackers, and later threatened to release GTA 6 Source code unless Rockstar negotiates it via Telegram.

During sentencing, the BBC reported that a mental health assessment concluded that Kurtag “continued to express his intention to return to cybercrime as soon as possible,” and described him as “highly motivated.” Court testimony also alleged that he was violent while in custody during the trial. As a result, he will now be detained in a secure hospital for the rest of his life.

the GTA 6 hack It was part of a wave of recent cyberattacks on major game studios and publishers that have included, among others, CD Projekt Red, Capcom, and, more recently, Insomniac games. While other hacks have exposed employees’ personal information, this… GTA 6 The security breach was limited to gameplay clips. Although they revealed aspects of the highly anticipated game while it was still in progress, Kurtag’s lawyers recently argued that the game’s success… GTA 6official promo for, Now the most viewed on YouTube evershowed that his attack was not as damaging to the game’s sales prospects as some, including Rockstar Games, originally suggested.

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