May 22, 2024

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An airline offers flights between Buenos Aires and Nuqueen for 24 thousand pesos

An airline offers flights between Buenos Aires and Nuqueen for 24 thousand pesos

Under the slogan “A new destination is better than having many”, Flyponti, Argentina’s first low-cost airline, joins the week of offers with very attractive fares to fly to all its national and international destinations. With names such as Trinidad y Tobara, Canganopolis, Costa Poco and San Salvador de Guia, the campaign proposed changing the names of the destinations as they have cheaper prices to fly.

Flight prices in this hot sale

from today to Sunday, May 19 by entering the website of Flyponti You can get tickets at incredible prices to fly from June to December 15. As a bonus track, there are 3 interest-free installments for domestic flights.

Opposite office flybondi neuquen airport

These offers are valid from this Monday to this coming Sunday.

Claudio Espinosa

This week, you can find tickets from as low as $20,000 per segment on the Buenos Aires-Córdoba route, and up to $23,000 per segment from Buenos Aires-Posadas. Fares for the Buenos Aires-Salta, Buenos Aires-Jujuy and Buenos Aires-Neuquen segments start at $24,000 and from $25,000 for the Buenos Aires-Puerto Iguazu route. Tickets for Buenos Aires-Mendoza start at $26,000 one-way and Buenos Aires-El Calafate from $46,000 one-way.

There are also unavoidable fares for interprovincial routes: final tickets for Córdoba-Mendoza and Córdoba-Salta start at $23,000, Córdoba-Neuquen from $26,000 one-way and $32,000 one-way. And $34,000 final per segment to El Calafate-Ushuaia.

Destinations to Brazil are also not left out, and you can find tickets for the route Buenos Aires-Florianopolis $130,000 final per segment, Buenos Aires-Rio de Janeiro $160,000 final per segment and Buenos Aires-São Paulo $145,000 final per segment.

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The airline flies to 18 national destinations and 3 international destinations, via 26 routes (18 domestic and Buenos Aires, 5 intermediate and 3 international). Thanks to Freedom to Fly, its founding mission, more than 11,000,000 passengers have already traveled on a low-cost airline and 22% of the airline’s passengers are flying for the first time in their lives.