February 22, 2024

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An ESA astronaut shares stunning photos of icebergs as seen from space

An ESA astronaut shares stunning photos of icebergs as seen from space

The astronaut also expressed concerns about climate change.

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) recently shared stunning photos of giant icebergs seen from space. European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Andreas Mogensen, the current commander of the orbiting laboratory’s current Expedition 70, shared a glimpse of icebergs floating in the South Atlantic Ocean in an Instagram post. “Tip of the iceberg. I have to admit that if you had asked me before this mission, if you could see icebergs with your naked eye from space, I would have said: ‘No way.’ And it turns out you can!” he wrote while sharing two new photos of the icebergs, which appear as small white specks against the bright blue ocean water.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of icebergs recently in the South Atlantic,” Mogensen continued. “Maybe it’s their distinct geometry or maybe the contrast in color, but they’re very visible from space.” He also expressed concerns about climate change. “Seeing icebergs floating around reminds me of climate change, with glaciers melting at a rapid pace and sea levels rising. Places like the Maldives will likely not exist 70 years from now, submerged by rising ocean waters,” he wrote. .

Take a look at the pictures below:

The images capture three larger icebergs and several other fragments that likely broke free as the icebergs moved across the ocean. Some submerged parts of the icebergs also appear, and ocean waves break around the visible part of the mountains floating on the surface of the ocean.

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Mr. Mogensen shared the photos a few days ago. The post has since received more than 3,400 likes. I also collected a lot of comments.

One user wrote: “I was surprised to see an iceberg from space! What an amazing picture! But we have to think about global warming. It is a serious problem.” “It sounds unbelievable! What is the estimated size of these icebergs?” Another said.

“Pretty new knowledge for you there,” a third commented. “What an opinion,” another expressed.

Meanwhile, Mogensen’s images come amid reports that the world’s largest iceberg is moving for the first time in more than three decades. according to Space.com websiteThe iceberg, named A23a, has been spotted drifting out of Antarctic waters.