July 24, 2024

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Andy Cohen Cast in ‘Beef’ With Bravo Star Amid Late Night Show Taping – BravoCon – Deadline

Andy Cohen Cast in ‘Beef’ With Bravo Star Amid Late Night Show Taping – BravoCon – Deadline

Andy Cohen wasn’t spared from getting caught up in the chaos at BravoCon this weekend and was put in the hot seat during a taping of his late-night show.

the Watch what happens live! The host is taping a series of specials during the three-day convention in Las Vegas that will air throughout the week on Bravo. On Saturday night the theme was “Witch House Rules,” which brought together cast members from shows like Southern charm, summer house, Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard And Vanderpump Rules.

Every night, Cohen presents a segment called “Squash the Beef,” which is a fan favorite because it brings together various spunky characters who have “beef” with each other. Cohen pulled down the shaded pole to reveal Carl Radke from it summer house And the Prince of Lancaster Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard. The stars were furious after Lancaster went on Cohen’s show to reveal that he had slipped into Radke’s DM requesting a job opportunity but the message was never responded to.

“Check your DMs. I messaged him right away and sent him a link to apply for the job. I saw that and then I followed up Watch what’s happening live He said I never wrote again. What the hell is this?” Radke said.

“He’s not wrong. Look what happened,” Lancaster replied, “I asked you for a job and then got so busy trying to send Andy a direct message that it got lost in translation that he got back to me, and I was probably thinking about the fact that Andy didn’t get back to me.” “

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Cohen was so unexpectedly caught up in the chaos with Lancaster that he ended up taking Radke’s seat in a game of “Squash the Beef” and had to answer for himself.

“I’ll tell you this, if I saw a direct message from you in my direct message, trust and believe that I would respond,” Cohen said.

In the end, Cohen got over things with Lancaster and it was all fun and games at BravoCon.