January 24, 2022

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Anti-Venezuela destroyed Parinas, the holy site of the Savista regime

CÚCUTA, Colombia.- “Yes, it is possible, it is possible! Long live Parinas! ”. In the cradle of revolution the opposition again defeated Savismo Two months later, according to his unofficial account, the victory was doubly celebrated by leaders and supporters. That was in November Freddie Superlano Who scored Argenis Chavez A historic surprise by a few votes difference.

Then came the intervention Nicholas Maduro And the Supreme Court (TSJ), which ordered the re-election, which was protected by fraudulent administrative motives and driven by the notion that Chavismo holds its sanctuary in Parinas. A new electoral conspiracy similar to the one that took place after the opposition’s parliamentary victory in 2015.

The twist in batting was similar to that of Sergio Carrido, as the Venezuelan wants to say this Sunday., Candidate by disqualification due to disqualification of well known leaders. Simile player (baseball) matches exactly what happened.

“Parinas woke up!” Corrido said proudly as if he were on a field. The first data began to come from his campaign command to confirm the predictions and studies. His lead rose to a thousand from a few votes.

Garrido, the humble leader, the shirtless man, the farmer and ranger on all fours, passed George Areza like a tram. Nicolas Maduro was sent to the birthplace of Hugo Chavez, whose family ruled for 22 years. The former president became a “political broadcaster” at the last minute.

After confirmation Loss of 14 points (41% compared to 55%), Arresa was the one who acknowledged Savismo’s defeat on his social media. “Dear Parinas. The information we receive from our PSUV frameworks indicates that despite our increase in votes, we have not reached the target. ” Wrote.

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The election fraud mounted by the Miraflores Palace to hold a re-run of the legitimately won elections by the opposition in November did not help to win the election, although it is not clear what the final outcome of the revolution will be. Chavismo suffered a devastating defeat in Hugo Chavez’s hometown of Sabanetta. Carito also won there.

The reality is that the Democratic Unity candidate has multiplied the vote. The enormous advantage during the election campaign was of no use to the Bolivarian Revolution because it had not been seen for a long time and turned Barinas into a huge palace in the midst of a military invasion. A wave of promises of future happiness for the Bolivarian Sanctuary.

Nicholas Maduro

Ultimately, the mood of the Laneros is more affected by reality than by government threats. Like the three sages of Caracas who distributed electricity, gas cylinders and tons of gifts. Perrinas is living its darkest days, stuck between poverty, immigration and the collapse of government services caused by the devastating Bolivarian administration.

“They did not give numbers, they failed again. We call for the will of the people to be respected. All the performance of the ruling party is not enough. .People sentenced to vote.

“The Venezuelan people will never give up until they see Venezuela as free and democratic. Parinas is an example of struggle and resistance,” he said, congratulating Juan Quito., Was recently confirmed as President-in-Charge throughout the year.

In addition to the electoral defeat, Parinas bathes in fresh cold water when Maduro is comfortably installed on the “throne” in Mirage. It was Maduro who pushed a candidate who was not glamorous into a kind of political conflict: a political member of the Chavez family, with the intention of leaving the Chavez family, after the governments of father Hugo de los Reyes Chavez and children Adam and Child. Argenis.

Maduro’s failed strategy has deepened the internal rift in Chavismo in the state of Lanaro, as is evident from Argenis’ statements after the vote, in which he did not even ask Areza to vote. He married former Foreign Minister Rosa Virginia Chavez, the eldest daughter of the “supreme commander” who split a few years ago, but her marriage allowed her to stay close to Hugo Chavez during her illness and subsequent suffering in Cuba.

The infighting is somehow in favor of Sergio Garrido, who has gone from being the only one not excluded by the carousel of political disqualifications imposed by the ruling party to a standard bearer of those facing the revolution.

Maduro's former foreign minister, George Areza, was the official candidate in Paris
Maduro’s former foreign minister, George Areza, was the official candidate in ParisMatias Delacroix – AP

In order to undermine the anti-Savista vote, the government in Paris has promoted the candidacy of Adolfo Superlano, the candidate of the MIN-Unidad group, the false opposition, seeking to reconcile the pro-democracy faction with those abbreviations. . The same politician who appealed to the Supreme Court to hold a re-election.

If Nicolas Machiavelli had lived today, there would have been no better place than Venezuela for him to renew his political principles, and he would certainly have closely followed the adventures of Adolfo Superlano. The leader is part of a delegation purchased by Colombian President Alex Chap, who is awaiting trial in a Miami prison. Louisa Ortega, a former Venezuelan lawyer, warned many years ago that she was not only Saab Maduro’s key contractor, but also her leading figure.

Claudio Fermin, another “prodropper” from Caracas who stole votes from Corrido, also received fewer votes. This “opponent” Maduro participates in the schedule of talks he maintains with the leaders of the co-operation.