Apple has stopped producing FineWoven accessories, according to an Apple leaker and prototype collector known as “Kosutami.”

in Share on X Kusutami (formerly Twitter) explained that Apple has discontinued production of FineWoven accessories due to their poor durability. The company may move to another non-leather material for its premium accessories in the future.

Kosutami has revealed precise information about FineWoven accessories in the past. The leaker revealed Apple's plans to introduce new Apple Watch bands made of a “woven fabric material” more than a month before their debut, as well as matching iPhone cases. Kosutami also revealed the first images of the FineWoven accessories shortly before the event where they were officially announced. MacRumors We understand that the source of this latest information regarding the halting of production is the same as previous FineWoven rumors that were ultimately accurate, so it should be taken seriously until we know more.

Apple stopped selling leather accessories in September last year, replacing them with a more eco-friendly “FineWoven” material that the company describes as a “luxurious, durable cotton fabric” made from 68% recycled polyester. FineWoven iPhone cases are $59, MagSafe wallets are $59, AirTag holders are $35, and Apple Watch bands are $99.

Accessories made from this material have been very poorly received by customers, due to poor durability and disappointing quality. FineWven accessories in new color options were noticeably absent from Apple's spring update. If Apple does stop producing FineWoven accessories, it could be a while before the company's current inventory starts to noticeably deplete.

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