July 22, 2024

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Astronomers have just discovered a radio signal that is 8 billion years old

Astronomers have just discovered a radio signal that is 8 billion years old

Astronomers have discovered an eight-billion-year-old radio signal that contains high levels of energy.

According to Science magazine, the “fast radio burst” was recorded as lasting just a millisecond.

The radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation was identified as FRB 20220610A, and it had a truly astonishing level of energy, emitting the same amount as the Sun would in 30 years.

like CNN According to reports, it is often difficult to determine the true nature of these eruptions, since they last for a short period of time.

However, they are thought to result from galaxies merging to form new stars.

Furthermore, they can also be “weighed” to measure the mass of elements in the universe that exist between galaxies and are unaccounted for.

Co-author Ryan Shannon said: “If we count the amount of natural matter in the universe – the atoms of which we are all composed – we find that more than half of what should be present today is missing.


“We think the missing matter is hiding in intergalactic space, but it may be so hot and diffuse that it is impossible to see using normal techniques.”

The huge signal was discovered using the Australian SKA Pathfinder radio telescope, before further observation was carried out using a telescope in China – which was able to determine that the fast radio burst is the oldest and most distant example yet discovered.

This comes after scientists were baffled after discovering a mysterious object sending out radio waves every 21 minutes earlier this year.

The really strange thing is that it has been doing the same thing for 45 years and astronomers are still not sure what could be happening.

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