May 21, 2024

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Astros notes: Abreu, Bagwell, coaches

Astros notes: Abreu, Bagwell, coaches

For over a month now, it has been It sounds like The White Sox will allow Jose Abreu Join and install a new organization Andrew Vaughn At first base. It became official this week, however, when Abreu signed with the Astros. However, the Sox never completely turned their back on him. “The White Sox made me an offer, it was a really good offer, but we’ll leave it at that,” Abreu said in his introductory press conference. Chandler Rome from the Houston Chronicle.

Without any details, it’s hard to say how hard the White Sox tried to keep Abreu, but it wasn’t enough either way. Abreu’s interest seems to be pretty broad, as it is It has already been reported The Guardians pitched for three years and was also a prime target for the Red Sox. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic Reports that the Padres also made a three-year deal during Craig Mish of the Miami Herald stating that Marilyn was also at the table. Regardless, what was done and Abreu is now an Astro.

One of the people involved in the deal together was former Astro Jeff Bagwell, who Crane said he and assistant general manager Bill Firkus flew to Miami to negotiate the deal with Abreu, in Rome. she was I mentioned recently Amidst the departure of general manager James Cleck was that Bagwell had been working with the front office in some capacity, sitting in on meetings and things like that. Bagwell appears to be one of Crane’s most trusted advisors and his level of involvement seems to have increased in Click’s absence. However, it did not seem like he would go too far, as he insisted to members of the media that he did not want the open general manager position and would not give an interview if asked, in Rome.

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In other Astros news, Mark Berman from Fox 26 Reports indicate that Gary Bettis will return as the third base coach, along with the pitching coach Bill Murphy Back for 2023, too. Betis has been in the job since 2015 while Murphy just got his job title a year ago when Brent Strom parted ways with the club.