February 24, 2024

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At least ten people died, including two police officers, who fled a wave of drug violence in Ecuador

At least ten people died, including two police officers, who fled a wave of drug violence in Ecuador
Members of the armed forces patrol in Guayaquil (Europe Press).

At the very least Ten people died including two agents National Police, And three people were injured this Tuesday In Guayaquil In the midst of the day of drug violence that Ecuador experiences.

Initially, eight people were killed and three injured in separate incidents in the Ecuadorian capital, the police force explained in a joint press conference with the city's mayor. Aquilis Alvarez.

However, in a later statement, The Ecuadorian police reported the death of two agents Killed by armed criminals“In the city Noblein the area QuayasWhom they identified Alex Daye And Luis Guanotuña.

“This is the sacrifice we swear for the country and we will not rest until we find those responsible for this crime,” the police indicated through its social networks.

Police officers tackled and arrested him 14 people Suspected of participation Violent events This Tuesday, when taken Five hospitals and channel TC Television Damage to infrastructure and vehicles by a group of armed masked men.

The Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office announced that the case would continue Thirteen people to him Crime of terrorism Because they entered the premises of the TV station armed and to detain the employees of the media company, according to a statement published on their profile on the social network X.

Aquiles Alvarez presided over a press conference

He Mayor of Guayaquil He emphasized his commitment to the “security” of the city: “We are going to work proactively and collaboratively with the general force that we support seamlessly. We will continue to collaborate with our local security team to strengthen the collective response to the acute security crisis.”

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And he called out “National unity” and expressed his confidence that the armed forces and the National Police “will take necessary steps to restore order and peace in the country”. The Mayor conveyed his condolences to the families of the victims and sent his best wishes to the President.

The day of violence began around 2:00 PM local time. Throughout the day, the monitoring centers responded to 1,932 calls and 650 emergencies.

According to the municipality of Guayaquil, at 4:00 p.m. 29 important incidents.

“There are no words to fill the void for those who lost a loved one today,” Alvarez said. “These are tough times, but when the street gets tough, the only tough walk is here we are,” he added.

Commander Armed Forces of EcuadorAdmiral Jaime VelaThe armed groups warned this Tuesday that the decree would appear as “a reserve Internal armed conflictHenceforth it would be a “military objective” because of the violence unleashed.

The commander of Ecuador's armed forces warned that the armed groups appearing in the decree would no longer be “military objectives”. (REUTERS/Cristina Vega)

“President of the Republic, Daniel NobowaBy decree (…) established a clear task for us: from this moment on, every terrorist group identified in the aforementioned decree has become a military objective. The present and future of our country is at stake”, he announced in a short speech to the people of Ecuador.

Likewise, Vela pointed out that the security forces are “resolutely and strongly acting against any attempt at destabilization and chaos within the national borders”.

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“No act of terrorism will leave us alone. We are not going to back down or negotiate. Well, justice and order cannot ask permission or bow to terrorists“, he expressed before asking the people for their “full confidence” that the armed forces and the National Police would fulfill their “vow to protect themselves” “if necessary”.

He mentioned that today's events are proof that the actions and decisions taken by the national government seriously affect the people. Criminal structures“, in response, they committed “bloody and unprecedented acts” and “unleashed a wave of violence” to “terrorize” the people. “But, despite its brutal evil, this attempt will fail,” he said.

(with information from Europa Press)