April 25, 2024

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Bass Pro Shops apologizes for the problems with the Garth Brooks concert. “I will fix it”

Bass Pro Shops apologizes for the problems with the Garth Brooks concert.  "I will fix it"

Ridgedale, Mo. (KY3) – Garth Brooks fans who got into trouble at Thunder Ridge Nature Arena parties are receiving an apology.

After the On Your Side report, Bass Pro managers told us they’d get it right. While thousands of concert-goers arrived early and had no problems, other fans told us that they never made it inside or made it to the end of the concert due to traffic and shuttle issues.

There were also complaints from persons with disabilities.

The Bass Pro leaders agreed to speak about these concerns on camera with KY3’s Ashley Reynolds.

“Overall, the opening of a brand new arena was such a great event that 80,000 fans would see one of the most iconic artists like Garth Brooks,” said Jeff Wilhoit.

Wilhoit has worked at Bass Pro Shops for over 25 years. He says to end these parties, they hired an outside company.

“We’ve hired a company called ASM Global. They’re doing big events all over the country,” Wilhoit said.

Wilhoit says ASM Global is also working with FEMA. When the hurricane hit Florida, the Federal Emergency Management Agency took most of the shuttle buses intended for the concert.

“We had to scramble just to find some on Friday night. We wouldn’t encourage anyone to go on Interstate 86,” he said.

Watch this video from our story. Two women with a walker needed help.

“It’s heartbreaking, frankly. It’s hard to know what to say to these people. There were people for sure, that was a challenge Friday night. It’s heartbreaking to watch these people,” Wilhoit said, “especially the ADA members who had a hard time getting in.” Again, for the vast majority of people, the concert wasn’t just amazing, it was a party of a lifetime.”

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Wilhoit added that this was a learning experience, and the facility will improve.

“Anytime you open up something new, especially an arena of this size, you are going to face challenges,” he said.

During the interview, Reynolds said, “There are thousands of families who spent too much money that night to not get to the place. What do you want to tell them?” she asked.

“I want to apologize. We’re so sorry they didn’t. For the vast majority, a lot of people had a great time. You can tell from that aerial photo that 20,000 people had a great time. But for those people who didn’t make it , especially on Friday night when we had challenges, we are definitely sorry for that,” he said.

Reynolds replied, “To those families, I think they will follow up and ask, ‘What are you doing to make it right?”

“We’re going to get it right with people. If they can’t get in or get into the latest song or something, we want to make it work for people. Johnny Morris is not in the business of deceiving people for money. Thunder Ridge is in a non-profit.” (The) Johnny Morris Foundation and all money raised from this concert goes to conservation,” Wilhoit said.

Here are some options for requesting a refund.

Call Ticketmaster 1-800-653-8000 Option 3.

File a claim. Expect to be on hold. Have your order number and credit card information at your fingertips.

Big Cedar: Tel: 1-800-225-6343, [email protected]

File a dispute with your credit card.

This may take up to 90 days. You have documents that prove your experience.

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ADA, file a complaint: https://beta.ada.gov/file-a-complaint/

The Missouri Attorney General, filing a complaint: https://ago.mo.gov/source

Ministry of Trade and Transport, reporting a road problem: https://www.modot.org/report-road-concern

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