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| January 19, 2019

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Be Brightonian

Be Brightonian



On the left we have Molly (18). Hailing from Brighton she loves Brighton because it’s so laid back and everyone is so interesting. She studies Art Foundation at City College. On the right there’s Imogen (18) and a Brighton native. She studies with Molly at City College and loves Brighton because of its creativity and how eclectic it is.

image2This is James (29) and Sara (30). James hails from Cardiff and Sara originates from Italy. They moved to Brighton together or to quote James ‘because she made me’. They both work in a resturant in the lanes and love Brighton because it’s a quiet peaceful seaside town.

This is Nick 31 originally from Essex. He moved to Brighton to study music and is now a tour manger. He loves Brighton for its sense of community.
dionne and ketil
Dionne and Ketil 
Dionne moved to Brighton to study, then moved to Norway and met Ketil. They then decided that Brighton is the place to be, its colorful and interesting and a place Dionne will always have a love for. They were certainly the most colorful people I met that day.
 Harlee (24) lives in Brighton. Originally from London he moved to Brighton for university to study music at BIMM. He loves Brighton because ‘ the music scene is wicked’. He is a guitarist and songwriter
Until next time, Be Brightonian.
Photographed by Lucy Evers

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