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| November 14, 2018

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Missing Jazz Singer Hannah Northedge Found at Beachy Head

Missing Jazz Singer Hannah Northedge Found at Beachy Head
Georgia Kolakowski

Singer and actress Hannah Northedge has been found at Beachy Head. A search for Hannah commenced when she failed to return home in London after staying at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne. Police were called to a report of a body on the beach on Thursday evening where she was sadly declared dead at the scene.

Hannah, 43, became known throughout the 2000’s as a wonderfully talented classical singer. She worked on ‘The Oxford Murders’ starring Elijah Wood and John Hurt as a session fixer, choir director, singer and actress. The composer of the film was so impressed with her work, she went on to win the contract to record the full original film soundtrack at Abbey Road Studios. On one of her many online profiles she described herself as “mildly obsessed with coffee, bluegrass and Brighton.” Her wide-ranging talents included acting, singing and composing as well as playing guitar, piano and bass. She also did musical direction and musical arrangement for the critically-acclaimed film ‘The Riot Club.’

The Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team seek to save lives. The christian group use crisis intervention techniques to reach out to people at their lowest point and have been successful over the years. It is a sad feat for the BHC team when they hear of another suicide happening at Beachy Head but their work is very important in the community and beyond. The more funding they get, the more people they can save and eventually stop the tragedy families have to endure every time a loved one takes their life. If you feel affected by anything in this article please reach out to Samaritans, Mind or one of the many other services in Brighton & Hove.

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