May 27, 2024

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Bears release plans for stadium project in Chicago

Bears release plans for stadium project in Chicago

During a public presentation Wednesday at Soldier Field, the Bears unveiled their plans to build a modern, fixed-roof stadium along Chicago's lakefront.

The Burnham Park project includes a new, publicly owned, multi-purpose replacement stadium located just south of Soldier Field, part of a unique year-round center centered around park-centric culture and entertainment.

“This is an incredibly special day for the Chicago Bears, for the city of Chicago, for the state of Illinois, for our ownership, for our players, for our coaches, for our faculty, for our alumni and for our amazing Chicago Bear fans,” Bears President and CEO Kevin Warren said.

“Today is about progress, and one of the things I'm most excited about today is the fact that this shows that in this city we have the intellectual capacity, we have the heart, we have the passion, we have the vision, we have the wisdom, and we have the vision to do big things.”

The proposal features year-round use for recreational and community events and an increase in open and green space, including 14 acres of sports fields and recreational park space for use by public and youth sports programs. The sports fields will provide a safe, high-quality place for the city's young people, especially those coming from nearby deprived neighbourhoods, to congregate and exercise.

The new stadium will continue the tradition at the site that has hosted major Chicago civic, entertainment, sporting and cultural events for 100 years.

“The Bears are proud to have called Chicago home for more than 100 years,” said Bears Chairman George H. McCaskey. “Perhaps no other sports team embodies the character of the city it represents better than the Bears and Chicago. Our founder, George Halas, emphasized the importance of being a Chicago champion. This has been part of the founding of our organization. This is why we are passionate about investing in the greatest city in the world.” “Through the stadium project and site improvements that will benefit Chicagoans and visitors.”

The proposal includes a contemporary architectural design that complements the existing architecture featuring an enclosed, fixed roof; Stunning views of the Chicago skyline and lakefront. Intimate seating for unparalleled sight lines and open gathering spaces.

The stadium will be able to host large-scale sporting events year-round, including Super Bowls and NCAA Final Fours as well as the world's leading entertainment shows. These offerings will unlock economic benefits to a variety of sectors within Chicago and the region, evidenced in part by the estimated $6.6 billion direct tax impact produced nationwide in 2021 by the sports tourism sector of the economy, according to Sports Business Journal.

“This is a beautiful day for the city of Chicago,” Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said. “It really is, and as a lifelong Bears fan, I'm honored to be here to celebrate the Bears' commitment to remaining a Chicago Bears team. This will revitalize the entire city of Chicago. It will be the crown jewel of the city of Chicago, and with this new project we show the world what Chicago is capable of.” “He did it.”

Other project benefits include a mall and pedestrian pavilion, a wider range of food and beverage options, more public restrooms, and the preservation of the historic columns at Soldier Field, which will remain accessible to fans and will continue to honor the men and women who served in the nation's military.