June 1, 2023

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Behind the scenes of the official defeat of the delegates: from the silence of Maximo Kirschner to the contradictions of Cecilia Morey

Representatives of the ruling party have already realized the coming A failure On campus. Perhaps this explains the silence Maximo Kirschner, Was able to command up to the bench of Frente de Todos until last January. His heir, German MartinezThe body had to be kept with arguments In rejecting the implementation of the single paper ballot In our country. Preview of next week’s intense debate on constitutional issues, Justice and Budget Commission convened by the Opposition With -132 votes- Efforts to encourage change in the electoral system from the next national elections must be addressed.

The most rhetorical sign of official dissatisfaction was expressed by the sub Cecilia Morey, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ruling Party. Sylvia LospenadoTogether with Change, the opposition elaborated on the motion: calling on the ruling party to begin discussions on the initiatives at the full session of the commissions next week and to comment on it by the end of the month.

Moreau could not hide his annoyance at what was an immediate failure to his bench. He spoke to the opposition seeking comment. “To the whole meeting of the Commissions, Should we go to the game or go to the gala?”, She contradicted. No one answered him.

German Martinez and Sergio Massa before the sessionSilvana Colombo

Earlier, Martinez had argued against the opposition. “I am opposed to dealing with corporate issues at desks and without commission feedback, especially when issues of this capacity are discussed. We are against any kind of summons to the commissions, ”Martinez said, questioning the opposition’s arguments in favor of a single ballot.

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“Does this really make the decision of the citizen easier?”, He attacked Martinez, who immediately revealed a large ballot. “This ballot was used in Rosario and only includes candidates for councilors,” he warned. “We want to discuss with the foundations in Congress Should not be taken by the media or voluntary organizations, Many of them have international funding, ”he stressed.

The ruling party is not the only one criticizing. Strictly speaking, left-wing vice Miriam Breckman He attacked the single ballot system, however later, in the referendum, he decided to stay away like his fellow constituency members. Nicolas del Cono and Alejandro Wilca.

He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.Pepin “Rodriguez Simon, The Pro leader, who was second on the Barlasaur parliamentary candidate list, now asked, “He’s gone, they will not see him again … What happens to the demons lurking inside the ballot box?” That applauded. Ruling Party.