May 27, 2024

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Beyoncé shared her natural hair care routine. Here's why it's important.

Beyoncé shared her natural hair care routine.  Here's why it's important.

Beyoncé's hair has been scrutinized for years. The pop star is usually seen in wigs and braids, and has often styled her hair with extensions, as many celebrities do. But its long use for weaving has occurred Make it difficult Some people think that her hair is long, as it appears in the video.

These claims have been paid Her fansAnd her hairstylist and even her mother, Tina Knowles, have publicly attested that Beyoncé wears weaves by choice, not out of necessity. In a since-deleted video shared on Instagram in 2019, Ms Knowles combed her daughter's waist-length dark brown hair in an attempt to debunk the rumours. The video was reposted by Mr. Farina, who commented on the video: “What weaves what wig. Yes, everything is normal.

In 2017, Ms Knowles posted a photo on Instagram showing her daughter's real blonde hair in a low ponytail.

” inch !!!! So happy my baby's hair has grown back!! “She'll take me” she joked in the caption.

While it can certainly help, no. For example, the founder of Sundial Brands, the manufacturer of popular beauty brands such as SheaMoisture and Nubian Heritage, bald.

There is an old stereotype that black women's natural hair can only grow so long, leading some to believe that black women wear weaves because they are pretending to have long hair or internalizing white beauty standards. In fact, many black women can grow long, healthy hair just fine, but the stigma still exists.

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Black women have long been pioneers in hair innovation, taking advantage of natural textures whose diversity can be used to create practically limitless different hairstyles. Weaves and braids are also protective styles, since Afro-textured hair can take time and attention to style and maintain. For example, braids and weaves can make visiting the pool or gym easier, and having a protective style requires a much smaller amount of hair products while traveling, saving luggage space. When properly fitted and properly cared for, these styles can result in length retention by reducing daily manipulation of the hair.

Ms Knowles later reposted a video featuring audio of comedian Katt Williams flaunting her naturally long hair without the use of curls. section, Which she shared on her Instagram account with a cheeky commentIt included a photo of Beyonce and her natural hair.