September 28, 2023

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Biden news today: The President speaks with Zelensky before keynote speech on the Covid-19 pandemic

Biden news today: The President speaks with Zelensky before keynote speech on the Covid-19 pandemic

Biden supports suspending Putin’s removal but insists he won’t change his policy

Joe Biden speaks with Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky to discuss the situation in Ukraine. The call comes after Biden indicated that Vladimir Putin “cannot stay in power,” and while Ukrainian and Russian negotiators are discussing a de-escalation agreement in which Russia could withdraw its forces from the area near Kyiv.

After his call with the Ukrainian president, Biden will deliver a speech on the state of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States. The FDA has just Give permission for a second booster shot For all Americans over 50 who are clinically classified as highly vulnerable to the virus,

Meanwhile, after controversial nomination hearings that saw Republican senators debate critical race theory and its record-setting record of sentencing child sex offenders, Kitangi Brown-Jackson picked up a crucial supporter: Maine Senator Susan Collins, who became the first A Republican announces that she will vote to confirm the first Supreme Court nominee for Joe Biden.

The news included Ms. Jackson’s confirmation. And she had already won the support of West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin, who was believed to be most likely to withhold his support from among the 50 senators in his party.


BA.2 Omicron Covid-19 Alternate Now Dominant in the United States

Ahead of President Joe Biden’s scheduled statements regarding the Covid-19 virus today, it should be noted that, as expected, the Omicron variant BA.2 is now dominant among American infections.

The booster injection is now available to all Americans over the age of 50.

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 30, 2022 17:58


White House readings of Zelensky’s call

Today, President Biden spoke with Ukrainian President Zelensky about the continued work by the United States and its allies and partners to provide military, economic, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and impose heavy costs on Russia for its brutal aggression against Ukraine. Leaders discussed how the United States is working around the clock to fulfill key security assistance requests from Ukraine, the critical effects of these weapons on the conflict, and the United States’ ongoing efforts with allies and partners to identify additional capabilities to help the Ukrainian military defend its country. In addition, President Biden informed President Zelensky that the United States intends to provide the Ukrainian government with $500 million in direct budget assistance. He also reviewed the additional sanctions and humanitarian aid announced last week. President Zelensky briefed President Biden on the status of Ukraine’s negotiations with Russia.

The White House – March 30, 2022

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 30, 2022 17:28


Biden and Zelensky end an hour-long call

President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky have just finished a 55-minute call on the latest developments regarding the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Oliver O’ConnellMarch 30, 2022 17:19


Why has the FDA approved another booster for Covid

The FDA’s decision to approve a second booster shot – which Joe Biden is due to receive on camera later today – for those over his 50s comes as a new “brother” for the omicron variant leading to a surge in case numbers in Europe. Numbers in the US are still low, and the standard two-dose and booster model still offers good protection against serious disease, but it’s clear that regulators still tend to be vigilant even as life returns to something like its pre-pandemic nature. .

Andrew NottiMarch 30, 2022 16:48


Biden will get a second dose of Covid

As Joe Biden prepares to address the United States on the state of the Covid-19 pandemic, he is also preparing to receive his second booster shot — this after the Food and Drug Administration gave the green light for another dose to all Americans over 50.

Andrew NottiMarch 30, 2022 16:18


White House: Biden talks with Zelensky

The White House said Joe Biden will soon speak with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “to discuss our continued support for Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.” The two are also supposed to discuss Biden’s remark that Vladimir Putin “cannot stay in power.”

Andrew NottiMarch 30, 2022 15:44


Biden Administration Recalibrates Russia’s Nuclear Strategy

The Biden administration and other NATO governments are now trying to rework their strategy for a Russian nuclear escalation, or even an accident involving nuclear reactors or waste storage facilities destroyed by invading forces.

Jonathan Tyron has this report.

Andrew NottiMarch 30, 2022 15:32


GOP Senator: Joe Biden should stop talking

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, a hard-right Republican, has put Joe Biden on for his unwritten line declaring that Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

“I really think it would be best for everyone involved, to include Joe Biden, but especially to the American people, if the president simply stopped speaking out in an offhand manner,” he said in an interview with right-wing radio host Hugh. Hewitt yesterday, adding that he doesn’t think the president should “deliver” or even “answer questions or hold press conferences.”

“If we can get three years of Joe Biden to speak in a deliberate way about words that have been carefully reviewed and vetted… that would be much safer than what has happened over the past five days.”

Cotton’s grandiose proposal contrasts with criticism from many on the right who have long tried to claim that Biden is reluctant to speak to the press or answer questions.

Andrew NottiMarch 30, 2022 15:15


More from Susan Collins on supporting Ketanji Brown Jackson

Susan Collins’ office has released a full statement regarding her decision to vote for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. In it, the senator made it clear that she would not agree with all of Brown-Jackson’s votes, but that “this alone, however, does not disqualify eligibility.”

Andrew NottiMarch 30, 2022 14:49


Biden’s Covid speech preview

CBS White House correspondent Weijia Jiang has this information on Joe Biden’s upcoming speech on the administration’s response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Andrew NottiMarch 30, 2022 14:14