May 21, 2024

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Bill Cosby calls conviction ‘a stunning victory’

Bill Cosby calls conviction 'a stunning victory'

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby
picture: Michael Abbott (Getty Images)

Yesterday, a civil jury found that disgraced comedian Bill Cosby sexual assault Judy Huth When she was 16 years old in 1975. In the wake of the ruling, Cosby’s team called it an “amazing victory.”

Cosby spokesperson Andrew White reads a statement from Cosby spokesperson Andrew White: “Yesterday, actor and comedian Bill Cosby was awarded a stunning jury victory in a civil trial presented by Judy Huth.” “The jury decided to award Jodi Huth a $500,000 verdict, but voted 9-3 not to award Mrs. Huth any punitive damages.”

It’s strange that a ruling confirming Cosby’s sexual assault of a minor is seen as a victory. However, the part they seem to celebrate is about punitive damages, which if awarded would have deemed Cosby acted “with malice, oppression or fraud” – which means he would have to pay more money. Despite the “victory,” Cosby’s attorney Jennifer Bunjian plans to appeal the ruling, saying Huth will “never get paid.”

In a few weeks, Attorney Jennifer Bunjian will be in the court of Judge Craig DeCarlan to appeal the $500,000 ruling, which means Ms. With Allred, Maroko & Goldberg will be distinguished for many years to come,” the statement read. “Had the jury awarded Judy Huth punitive damages, it would have been in the region of $10 million plus dollars, which would have been a devastating loss for our legal efforts and the Cosby family.”

Representing Huth and lawyer and women’s rights activist Gloria Allred rejected Cosby’s comments, saying he “should be held accountable for what he did to her.”

“Mr. Cosby’s spokesman appears to be trying to snatch victory from the jaws of Mr. Cosby’s massive defeat,” said Allred. diverse. “Miss. Huth does not have legal bills for fees with my law firm. The $3 million legal bill mentioned by Mr. White appears to have been a figment of his imagination. In contrast, the $3 million may have been what Mr. Cosby had to spend to hire a number Countless attorneys have over the years in his unsuccessful efforts to defend himself against Mrs. Hoth’s suit.”

Additionally, in his statement, Cosby claims he spoke with two jurors after the ruling, who told him, “You don’t deserve to be in this court.” according to diverseboth jurors voted overwhelmingly in favor of him on all questions, and “did not agree with the majority of jurors on questions regarding Cosby’s behavior as being harmful or sexually abusive.”

“Mr. Cosby and his team have always remained steadfast in his innocence and have never played down the drain or rock bottom; but most importantly, we have stayed on top of the mountain of ethics, integrity, truth and facts,” says a Cosby spokesperson. “The Cosbys are grateful to those particular jurors who removed their bias and judged the evidence and facts in this case.”

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