May 21, 2024

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Blue eyes are an unexpected discovery that unites everyone

Blue eyes are an unexpected discovery that unites everyone

An investigation revealed information about human facial features Different from each other. It’s all about eye color, isn’t it? Blacks, Brown colors, Green, the sky One Blues. This last color represents a clear difference when looking at another person face to face, and there is a scientific history behind it that includes them: 8 to 10 percent of the world’s population has blue eyes.. However, there is much more to know.

Teacher Hans Iberg, First published in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine’s Special Site Science Daily The contrast with shades of green is another of the existing limitations.People with green eyes can explain this by reducing the amount of melanin in the iris, which is very different from people with blue eyes.”.

At the time of examining the central question, the expert poured in the data of the investigation and added a historical comment: “Instead, All blue eyes are linked to a common ancestor. Everyone has the same switch at the same place in their DNA.”

In addition, to clarify the image and provide more certainty, he confirmed that this type of eye color is for a recessive geneThat means you should have two of them Color becomes clear.

When asked about the origin of this expression, scientists said that the genetic mutation came from a “singular” human who lived 10,000 years ago and deepened the study through genetics. OCA2It determines the amount of brown pigment in the human eye.

Green eyes indicate a decrease in the amount of melanin in the iris.

Enters blueThe same genetic mutation results in eyes of this shade from another gene, which is completely different, as previously named HERC2And change the brown color to this.

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Various theories and problems of this matter were discovered by scientists in 2008 University of Copenhagen, DenmarkWho initially found said mutation and as they began to retrace the path, they began to find other data that helped reconstruct the story.

In principle, through relevant research, it is believed that mutation may have occurred when humans were present Migrated from Africa to EuropeAs a result, most people of European descent generally have blue eyes.

With some precise data and others requiring surgical precision to confirm them, science again took a new step in search of a dilemma, it quietly, began to explore and, over time, added to the constant updating of data. The scientists should be proud.