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| November 16, 2018

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Bored of the Beach Already? Here’s Some Alternatives

Bored of the Beach Already? Here’s Some Alternatives
Kim Ayling
  • On May 7, 2018

On a sunny day many of us Brightonians automatically feel that magnetic urge to flock down the beach and soak up some rays, and even go for a quick paddle, but we all know Brighton has SO much more to offer than just the beach. Here are our tops picks of other lovely locations to soak up some much needed Vitamin D this sunny bank holiday!

1.First off we’ve got the Pavilion Gardens. Either side of the beautiful Pavilion has relaxing grassy areas, so grab a book, a blanket and maybe even some mates, and spend an afternoon here.  There’s always a busker on the far side of the Pavilion closest to the North Lanes, be it a zebra playing a keyboard, or a soulful guitar player. There’s plenty of lovely ice cream shops and bars around here to enjoy too.

2. Secondly, The Level is another great option for a sunny day – especially as they have a fair on currently! Take a go on a couple of rides, try your hand at fairground games or just munch some candyfloss. The Level’s playground makes it a great option for those taking the kids out, and the Open Market is just over the road if you fancy a bite to eat or shopping for some vintage goodies.

Stanmer Park by Dominic Alves 

3. Stanmer Park, which is Brighton’s largest park, is a great option if you want to avoid the inevitable crowds that the city brings in on a sunny day. With it’s gorgeous woodlands and large green open spaces it’s a perfect destination, for families, friends, couples and everything in between.

Hove Lawns by Dominic Alves

4. Hove Lawns are perfect if you want to take in the view of our beautiful seafront, but would rather stay off the beach itself. Once you’ve had your fill of sitting back and taking in the view, you can meander down the seafront for a bite to eat or something to drink at one of the many bars or restaurants.

5. Devil’s Dyke is a fantastic trip to make, sunny weather or not.  Take in the stunning views of the South Downs, enjoy a short walk and finish with a well deserved trip to the pub – perfect.

6. Number 6 isn’t QUITE a location but still a great way to enjoy the sun in Brighton: a bike ride. Rent a bike, and cycle either way along the seafront – down to Hove, or the opposite way to the Marina. The front is great for a little cycling trip as it has a large cycle lane an unlike the rest of the city it’s primarily flat, so it’s fun rather than becoming a burning, sweaty leg workout.

So with allll these fantastic options for a sunny Brighton day, we can’t see a single reason for you to not get out and enjoy it!

We’d love to hear if you have any other suggestions for beach alternatives – get in touch, and comment below.


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