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Brighton Journal | 23rd January 2020

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Brighton Facebook Café offers free coffee for privacy checkups

Brighton Facebook Café offers free coffee for privacy checkups
Elizabeth Richardson

“Facebook Café” is popping up inside Flour Pot on King Arches Road on the 1st September. It is one of a number of pop up cafés opening across the UK this autumn, encouraging the public to run simple privacy check-ups on Facebook. The Facebook team will be on hand to help their users optimise their privacy settings.

The pop up Facebook Cafés are being launched in response to recent survey that revealed nearly half of Facebook users from the South East worry about their social media privacy. Thirty-two percent of those surveyed also expressed a concern about strangers seeing their posts on social media, or even overhearing their private conversations.

A number of drinks will be available on the house to anyone who takes part in a privacy check up, with a choice of a cappuccino, americano or mint tea being offered. Through the café setup, the Facebook team aim to demonstrate that controlling your privacy can take as little time as making a cup of coffee.

Steve Hatch, the Vice President of Facebook Northern Europe, has encouraged those worried about their online privacy to pay the Facebook Café a visit:

It’s normal to worry about who can see the things you share on social media, but not everyone knows what they can do about it. That’s why we have made customising your privacy settings on Facebook quick and easy.

At our pop up cafes you can get help and advice on how to change your privacy settings – and all in the time it makes to make a cup of coffee.

The café will offer quick and easy privacy check ups, showing you how to tailor your Facebook settings to your privacy needs. This will include personalising how much of your information will be seen, who gets to see this information, as well as controlling which apps and websites you have connected to Facebook.

Facebook Café @ Flour Pot, 1st September. Kings Road Arches, 85-90, Brighton BN1 2FN

Featured image by Thomas Leuthard


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