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| December 13, 2018

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Brighton MP Slams Katie Hopkins’ Trump Comments

Brighton MP Slams Katie Hopkins’ Trump Comments
Sarah George

Brightonians scrolling through their Twitter feed were in for some quality entertainment yesterday when Caroline Lucas delivered a sassy clap back to notoriously argumentative right-wing columnist Katie Hopkins.

It all started with a recent column by Hopkins slating the parliamentary debate on President Trump’s state visit to the UK. In the article, she suggests the debate was a waste of time and taxpayer’s money.

When Hopkins tweeted the article, which includes a close-up photo of Lucas speaking at an anti-Trump rally, she singled out the Green Party MP.

“Caroline Lucas spoke for vegan lesbians of Brighton hoping to deny Trump a state visit because he likes burgers,” Hopkins’ original Tweet read.

Lucas, who has called Trump a “racist bigot“, had this response:

Hopkins then started grasping at straws:

Before Lucas finally got the (very sassy) last word:

Lucas’s final comment has gone down a treat with her followers:

Numerous responses to Lucas bought up Hopkins’ previous promises to emigrate to the USA if Trump won the elections.



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