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| December 13, 2018

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Brighton Out of the Running for Channel 4’s Creative Hub

Brighton Out of the Running for Channel 4’s Creative Hub
Jack Mitchell-Charman

Brighton’s hopes were high when it made the shortlist for a major opportunity. It was believed that Channel 4 may choose to build their new creative hub in the city. The move would’ve brought a huge amount of jobs, around 300 initially, and boosted the local economy greatly.

Brighton seemed the perfect fit. It is known for its rich, vibrant atmosphere, with a diverse range of artistic minds. The company even visited the city, further increasing the degree of speculation.

Brighton made it down to the last 13, with over 30 initially applying. The city’s application was strong, drawing on a varied range of organisations, from universities, businesses and the council.

However, it has been revealed that Brighton will not be the recipient of the creative hub. A further list has been released, with just 6 cities now left.

These cities are Leeds, Birmingham, Greater Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff and Glasgow.

Channel 4’s chief commercial officer, Jonathan Allan, spoke of how impressed he was with the city’s that narrowly missed out: “Our visits to the 13 shortlisted cities over the last month were incredibly inspiring and I’d like to thank all of those involved for the huge amounts of creativity they demonstrated.”

He added that, although difficult to omit so many wonderful locations, he believed they had made the right call: “We have again had to take some very difficult decisions on which cities to take forward to the next stage, but we believe the six cities we have selected are best able to deliver against our vision and requirements.”

This is hugely disappointing news, but either way, Brighton is a thriving city with much going for it.

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