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Brighton Journal | September 16, 2019

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Brighton Pride Taking “Robust Action” After London Anti-Trans Protests

Brighton Pride Taking “Robust Action” After London Anti-Trans Protests
Hannah Midgley

London held its annual Pride Festival on the weekend. It was as wonderful as ever, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. However, not all promoted the sentiments of the celebrations.

An anti-trans rights group, called Get The L Out, protested at the festival, marching at the front at the beginning of the procession. The feminist lesbian group believe that trans rights subsequently damage lesbian rights. Whatever their reasoning, they were out of touch with the inclusivity of the event.

Brighton Pride, which is cited as the UK’s biggest Pride event, will be ensuring steps are taken to avoid similar inflammatory actions.

The festival kicks off on the 4th of August and will be bigger than ever with Britney Spears headlining. Organisers want to stamp out any intimidating behaviour, and make this a great time for all, regardless of identification.

They have condemned the actions of Get The L Out: “We totally condemn [their] actions and message of hate.”

They made sure to mention how pivotal the actions of the trans community have been in aiding LGBTQ+ rights: “The Pride movement was begun by trans people and trans people will always be welcome at Brighton Pride.”

Given Brighton’s place as the LGBTQ+ capital of the country, Brighton Pride’s strong position on the actions of Get The L Out is great news for those in the local community.

Hopefully, this will be a wonderful event, where all are welcomed and can co-exist in harmony.


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