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Brighton Journal | 25th January 2020

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Brighton Socialite: The Projects Launch – an inspiring new workspace for inspiring minds

Brighton Socialite: The Projects Launch – an inspiring new workspace for inspiring minds
Hannah Midgley

Brand new co-working space, The Projects, has just launched in Brighton.




A technologically furnished space within a stunning Grade II Listed building on Ship Street, The Projects is not just a workspace that drives initiative and allows creative flow to thrive in a co-operative environment, but it feels like a home.


The Projects claim their spaces “encourage productivity whilst also inspiring creativity and collaboration”. In a workspace that allows members to combine work with play in a fully equipped games room, or find peace from stress in the Library or the Bar, it is easy to see how this natural elevation in creativity and productivity can be achieved.


Games Room


Elusive artwork, grand 18th Century fireplaces and decorative wallpaper gives the space a personal touch, allowing members to feel at ease from the typical pressures associated with a workspace. Although The Projects adopts an interior that is far from an office, private phone booths, meeting rooms and lockable desks highlight the capacity for professionalism.


This Thursday (22 November), the team at Brighton Journal attended the much anticipated launch evening at The Projects to gage what some local residents and business individuals thought of the new space. 


A stylish space for independent women in business

Debbie, Robyn, Olivia, and Becky


These lovely ladies shared their excitement about the space, after telling Brighton Journal they had already secured one of the offices upstairs for their work involved within the fashion industry.




Businesswoman Lucy felt inspired by the artwork and interior design of The Projects.

She told Brighton Journal “It’s so different from any other workspace I’ve seen, I love how central it is, we’re right in the heart of The Lanes and so close to the beach! It’s a beautiful creation that proves to do business you don’t have to be stuck in a stuffy, crowded office.”


The downstairs bar proved popular for prospective clients


Boasting a healthy balance between work and leisure, The Projects is home to their own bar. Many guests enjoyed drinks whilst engaging with other like-minded business people.



Event manager Georgina told our team all about what inspired her to work with local companies for the launch of The Projects, which featured a collaboration with Brighton Gin, and Lost in the Lanes, amongst other independent Brighton businesses.

“We wanted people to feel as welcome as possible.”  Georgina, from the Great Little Events Company also told our team how lovely it was to see so many people at the launch engaging with local traders.



Brighton Journal met Lucy, who was part of the creative team that helped to bring The Projects design vision together.

“The most important thing for us a team was to make sure the space felt as homely as possible.”

Many of the walls feature a stunning mural that represents the starling murmurations in Brighton. Claiming the murmuration is not just evidence of agility, but also of teamwork and congregation, The Projects believe that: “the murmuration is the ultimate collaboration, perfectly representing the essence of The Projects brand: “Beautiful things happen when we work together.”


Local businesses welcomed guests to The Projects with delicious treats

Fran and Charly

The team from Brighton Gin were serving up delicious, award-winning gin and tonics!




Offering guests nitro ice cream treats, Kitty served ever-changing ice cream flavours from Lick Me I’m Delicious!




Guests were not left to go hungry with a huge selection of flavourful canapés provided by Lost in the Lanes. 


Adopt and LidlBillionaire

Artists Used To Be Lovers brought their incredible live digital art to life for the duration of the evening. Highlighting to guests that technology can still thrive in a historical building.



Image Credit: @theprojectsbtn


If you are interested in visiting The Projects or would like to arrange a tour, do not hesitate to get in touch.

“Beautiful things happen when we work together.”

The Projects, 8a Ship Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1AD


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