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| January 21, 2019

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Brighton Street Fashion! “Adopt More Dogs”

Brighton Street Fashion! “Adopt More Dogs”
Hannah Molnar

It’s Brighton. It’s beautiful. I took the golden opportunity of a wondrous seaside sunny day to wonder around our delightful little lanes and see what interesting people I could find… And ask them where they get all their wicked clothes!


Damn that hair!


V, 24 moved from London 8 months ago to come to Brighton. “It was just too much.” She’s now working as a waitress and says that she loves living here. “It’s perfect.” V hopes to launch her career as a painter someday and is a true artist through and through, look at that hair! V gets her clothes from websites like Asos, Inoino (asian style clothing) and Creepyyeha (fetish style clothing)!

V’s message to humanity: “Be nice to each other.”


Maria was celebrating her 22nd birthday when i stopped her on a very lovely sunny day in Brighton! Maria came to Brighton to study psychology at the university of Sussex and is just about to start an internship there “organising events and dealing with promotions”. Maria fills her wardrobe with “cheap clothes” so does a lot of shopping at charity shops but enjoys a little luxury purchase from Urban Outfitters or H&M now and then too. “But I will only buy clothes that are on sale. I don’t do expensive shopping” She got her jacket from a second hand shop for £25 instead of £200, what a bargain!

Maria’s message to humanity: “It’s going to be okay. If it’s not okay, then its not the end.”


Laura, 19 from Gosport is studying literature at Sussex university. “Fun!” Laura shops “anywhere that is ridiculously cheap, so usually charity shops.” Her snazzy shirt was just £5 from the British Heart Foundation! Happy days!

Laura’s message to humanity: “Don’t be dicks.”


Josephine, 20 from Bromley is studying psychology at Sussex university. Ooooooo. Josephine does a lot of her shopping on Asos. “So I don’t have to leave the house!” And she also enjoys purchasing from the student budget friendly charity shops!

Josephine’s message to humanity: “Adopt dogs.”


Lucy, 18 from Suffolk is in her first year in Brighton studying graphic design at Sussex university. Lucy gets her clothes from shops like Lazy Oaf, Asos, her shoes were purchased from Ebay but are from the Dolls Kill brand. She describes her style as “Japanese-y”. Lucy gets inspired by the internet and finding bright, colourful items, sometimes 90s style and putting them together to create her unique look!

Lucy’s message to humanity: “Be yourself.”

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