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Brighton Journal | 2nd April 2020

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Brighton Street Fashion ! – “You Could Go Out In Pyjamas And Nobody Would Blink!”

Brighton Street Fashion ! – “You Could Go Out In Pyjamas And Nobody Would Blink!”
Hannah Midgley

With Christmas over and New Years on it’s way, it’s important to not forget that that makes absolutely no difference to how bloody brilliant everyone looks in Brighton. MORE colours, MORE vintage stuff, MORE charity shop bargains, MORE original messages for humanity! Yay yay yay! Long live Brighton’s beautiful freedom of expression!


Shahd, 17, originally from Bahrain has been a student here in Brighton since September and is loving it “It’s so multicultural! It’s so lively and the nightlife is great!” Shahd’s studies are in civil engineering and construction management! Which sounds very complicated and impressive to me! Shahd looks so naturally pretty, wearing a H&M hoody and her long fishtail plaits are beautiful !


Alison, 17 got her Fila jacket from a vintage shop in Dublin for about £50, her jumper was bagged for a couple of quid from a charity shop and her jeans are from Dirty Harry’s ! And she’s wearing shoes from sports direct !

Alison’s message (slash question) for humanity: “Why do we pay to live in a country? Who does the government buy the country from?!”


Clem, 16 from Seaford got her beautiful red patterned hippy style skirt from a charity shop, her denim jacket is from Beyond Retro and her scarf was from another charity shop in Lewes ! I think we have ourselves a big charity shop fan over here ! Clem is still at college at the moment but hopes to pursue a career in journalism when she graduates !

Clem’s message (slash question) for humanity: “Why don’t we care about each other more?”


Massey, 16 is still at college too, studying in Lewes. Her slim black jeans are from Topshop, her scarf is from a charity shop and her jacket from Missguided.

Massey’s message (slash question) for humanity: “Why do we have money for war but not to feed poor people?”


Ruby, 18, is doing an art foundation course at Brighton city college. She’s toying between pursuing a career in art, fashion or baking for after graduation. I thought that Ruby looked very Brighton but she said she was quite “toned down today, this is what I call my ‘can’t be bothered’ dress, because it’s just one giant t-shirt. Normally I’m very, very colourful. A lot more colourful than I am today.” Okay so where does Ruby get all her wonderful colourful clothes? “I shop a lot on Asos, but this avocado dress is from Barcelona. I get a lot of stuff from the lanes, charity shops ‘To Be Worn Again’ is great, one of my favourites. Ruby will shop at Topshop sometimes, but will always try and find something that not many people would have “It’s about looking unique. I like standing out!”

Ruby used to have super bright hair, it’s faded a little now but she says that she loves that when people meet her, the first thing they see are all these bright colours that make her look original and cool. “The amount of times that I’ve had people in the street come up to me and say that I looked so colourful and that it must brighten peoples day! Hahaha” I bet that IS so lovely!

“What I love about Brighton is the fact that you could walk around in your pyjamas here and nobody would care, it’s just normal! You can wear whatever you want!”

Ruby’s message for humanity : “Merry Christmas everyone ! Eat too many mince pies !”

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