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| January 17, 2019

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Same Sky’s Burning the Clocks Exceeds Donations Target

Same Sky’s Burning the Clocks Exceeds Donations Target
Peggy Bain
  • On January 23, 2018

The charity behind the Burning the Clocks event, Same Sky, have revealed that over £19,000 was raised for the annual winter solstice parade – exceeding any amount ever in the event’s history. The brilliant volunteers leading the bucket collections on the night of Burning the Clocks raised £5,412.67 and the crowd funder exceeded its targer, raising £5,698 from 115 individuals.

The event relies solely on crowd-funding, and support from local businesses. It offers a range of benefits for those who donate, including hand made lanterns, VIP seating to watch the event, participation in the actual event, for example lighting the bonfire etc.

This festival is an event aimed at bringing the whole community together, regardless of faith, to celebrate the end of the year. It occurs on December 21st, the shortest day of the year, and consists of a procession in which people carry paper lanterns, finally passing them into a huge bonfire on Brighton beach.

Featured image by Dominic Alves

Attending the event this year showed me the value of this new tradition, that really does feel like it unites the entire community. The river of people parading through the streets picks up more and more followers as it winds down to the open sea. This physical procession symbolises a wonderfully inclusive uniting of the community, and the open sea feels an appropriate location for people can let go of the previous year.

Once we reached the sea it was difficult to see the events as they unfold, and I would advise getting their early or buying a VIP ticket if you want to guarantee a decent view of the burning paper sculptures. It was completely worth it however, for the fireworks, which were gorgeous. What a wonderful way to say goodbye to last year, in a blast of fire and sparks.

John Varah, Same Sky artistic director, said:”As ever, Burning the Clocks was a massive success. We would like to thank everyone that took part in the parade and those that came down to watch. Particularly to our team of bucket collectors on the night and our event sponsors ARKA Original Funerals and The Chilli Pickle who have helped keep the event alive.

“We would also like to say a massive thanks to everyone that donated on the night and supported the crowdfunder.

“This community contribution has raised just over £19,000 and has helped ensure this much-loved Brighton event can remain in existence.”

Brighton’s business sponsors also provided more support than ever this year, contributing £8,053 to the cost of the event. Additionally ARKA Original Funerals donated £4,000 by paying for twenty-five In Memory lanterns. The lanterns were made by friends and families in group workshops and carried as part of the parade, to remember loved ones who recently passed away.

After witnessing both the pure excitement and the spirit of community this event generates, it seems imperative to me that we continue to fund the Burning of the Clocks, which is so unique to Brighton and its spirit of tolerance, diversity and inclusivity.
You can donate to Burning the Clocks now at the Same Sky crowdfunding page.

Featured image by Dominic Alves

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