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Can you earn Overwatch 2 skins faster by playing World of Warcraft?

Can you earn Overwatch 2 skins faster by playing World of Warcraft?

An adventurous (and possibly mischievous) Reddit user and it has been suggested To earn it faster Monitor 2 Skins by playing world of cans Than it is by playing Monitor 2.

The Redditor, who uses the username Everdale, pointed out in the Overwatch subreddit world of cansGold currency can be traded within the game Fabulous Tokens, which can then be exchanged for credit. This, in turn, can be spent on purchasable Overwatch Coins skins in Monitor 2a store.

Coins can be bought with money of course, but if you want to earn them by playing Monitor 2There is only one way to do it: by completing weekly challenges. This award awards a maximum of 60 coins per week, which is just 60 cents in value. (Coins are sold at a base price of 100 coins for 1 dollar.)

So, if you want to buy an epic piece worth 1000 coins / 10 USD at Monitor 2It will take about 17 weeks to grind the coins to buy them. The legendary skin of 1900 coins / $19 will take about 32 weeks. Sure, Everdale grounds, you can farm Fabulous Gold is faster. But can you?

The answer is yes, you probably can. But there are many caveats. It is worth considering if you really want it.

The Witch Kiriko Halloween skin caused a stir with its $26 price tag
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

What is the exchange rate of coins to gold?

Well, bear with me here, because we’re going to make some sums.

  • We have proven that 100 Overwatch coins are worth $1. (You can get favorable prices by buying large amounts of coins, but this is the base price).
  • Transfer method Fabulous Gold in credit is to use for purchase Fabulous Tokens in the in-game auction house. One token can be converted to a $15 credit, or 30 days from Fabulous game time.
  • At $10, epic Monitor 2 Skin costs less than one token’s worth, while the $19 Legendary skin costs more. For simplicity, let’s divide the difference and say that the average skin is equal to the same value of the token – $15.
  • The price of WoW Tokens at the auction house varies depending on market demand. At the time of writing, the 30-day low on US servers was around 210,000 gold for one token. We will use this as a guide, noting that the price can go up and that the cost of coins in other regions is much higher; Azerbaijani gold is particularly strong against the dollar at the moment. (Sorry, I just wanted to write this sentence.) You can check the current prices over here.
  • If $15 equals 210,000 gold, then 1 dollar equals 14,000 gold – or 100 Overwatch coins. And 1 coin from Overwatch equals 140 gold.
  • If we are going to make Overwatch Coins faster by playing FabulousThe average we are trying to beat is 8400 gold per week.

Well, how fast to earn gold in World of Warcraft?

This is largely a question about the length of a part of a string. It depends on what kind of Fabulous You are a player, and the kind of playing style you want to introduce yourself to.

There are many forms of gold cultivation. The only thing they have in common is that they are, at their height, a very specialized style of play. It’s also often very boring to play.

You can be a dealer and play the role of auctioneer, buy low and sell high. This is not as profitable as before, but it still works. But you will need a large golden seed to get started. And it wouldn’t really feel like enjoying playing a video game, for most people at least.

There are some suggestions in responses to Everdale’s Reddit thread. One is the sale of “boosters”, which are babysitting to run players of lesser caliber, experience, or ability through the game’s more difficult legendary dungeons. But it goes without saying that you need to be a top level player yourself, with a very well-equipped character, to be able to make it happen.

Looms The Jailer, the heavily armored World of Warcraft raid commander

If you’ve taken down this guy in a raid, you’re probably well prepared to win Fabulous He went.
Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Another user says that it is possible to earn 15,000 gold per day “somewhat passively” only on the game’s asynchronous mission tables, which you can use to send minions on missions to earn rewards while not playing. amazing! In this way, we get Monitor 2 Skin in just two weeks! But wait – this player is grinding the tables using no fewer than eight characters. The great effort to level all 8 characters to a maximum level of 60 is priced here.

Location high ground games Has a good guide for the best ways to grow gold while playing Fabulous As a relatively normal person. This includes solo content for ancient raids, selling craft items at the auction house, farming faction reputation, and completing daily and weekly quests.

According to this guide, Daily Callings, a form of daily faction quest in the latest expansion ShadowlandsYou will get 1500 gold per day. This is not stressful at all and you will already earn over 10,000 gold per week, beating our goal. Add a few activities recommended by High Ground Gaming – without getting too crazy, but playing in a fairly focused way – and yes, it looks like you can easily earn enough for Monitor 2 Skin faster than you can in Monitor 2. But maybe not drastically faster, unless you’re willing to dedicate your whole life to it.

So what’s the point?

There are few, because this is not comparable to the same at all.

The first is that this calculation assumes that you are a file Fabulous player to start with. To earn gold at a decent price in the game, you need a character with a maximum level, and although achieving this is now much faster than in the past, it is still a non-trivial investment of time.

The second is that Monitor 2 It is a free game to play and world of cans Not. Even before you factor in the cost of the latest expansion, you need to subscribe for $14.99 per month to play it. You can buy playtime with tokens to redeem yourself, but this effectively doubles the amount of gold you’ll need to grind to get your skin.

And the third is that Monitor 2Weekly challenges can be completed in the normal round of play. (More or less: The first 50 of those 60 weekly coins are easy enough to achieve, but you may find that the last 10 aren’t worth the extra effort.) Cultivating gold in Fabulous It usually requires making fairly fundamental changes to your playing style. You will also take resources Outside From the game – Resources that you might prefer to spend on your actual account Fabulous More characters than those on the skin in a different game. In short, you will most likely have less fun and less rewarding time Fabulous – Unless you are one of those players for whom playing the system is the most fun ever.

TL; DR – Everdale has a point. Depending on a number of variables and personal preferences, yes, you can earn Monitor 2 Faster in skins world of cans who in Monitor 2. But we don’t necessarily recommend trying.

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