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Brighton Journal | 20th October 2019

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ChoccyWoccyDooDah Was Born From Drinking Gin: An Interview

1st December 2015 |

Brighton is home to many things. Wonderful independent shops, a football team with a very loyal fanbase, an abundance of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and a small, unknown chocolate shop called ChoccyWoccyDooDah. I am of course joking when I say … Read More

The Blink Experience

30th November 2015 |

Everyone loves going out to dinner, it’s our chance to be daring and adventurous with food, to try something we may not normally have at home. But what if you went that step further? The Blink Experience is a dining … Read More

Interview: ‘Hogben and The Page’ Talk Blues, Brighton, and Band Break-ups

29th November 2015 |

Joe Hogben and Andrew LePage are no strangers to the Brighton music scene. Performing at least twice a week at open mic nights all across town, they have already made a reputation for themselves. Sharing a love for music, especially … Read More

I Own The Most Haunted Pub in Britain – An Interview With Judith Blincow.

27th November 2015 | 3

Judith Blincow owns The Mermaid Inn in Rye, the most haunted and one of the oldest inns in Britain. Following an overnight Bjournal investigation which, disappointingly, did not yield a single unearthly manifestation, Graham and Elin caught up with Judith … Read More

This is the Reason Nobody Should Try E Once

26th November 2015 |

Earlier this week Jordy Hurdes from Australia recorded this video for his friends on Facebook. The week before he had been to a party where he took Ecstasy, and ended up in a hospital bed. This is his message.

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Brighton Author Melanie Arora Published in America Next Year

24th November 2015 |

Melanie Arora published her first children’s book this year and the copies seem to be flying of the shelfs. Only a few months in she is now published in Paris and next year her poetic book’A Cat Called Panda’ will … Read More

Charity Tuesday: Impetus

24th November 2015 | 1

This week for Charity Tuesday we are focusing on Impetus. Impetus is a registered charity that improves the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable adults in Brighton and Hove. Established December 1999 and until 2012, there were two sides to their … Read More

Paracetamol Magazine: Pain Relief for Everyone

24th November 2015 |

You should never underestimate a teenage girl. Ridiculed for liking One Direction, laughed at for taking an interest in politics all whilst experiencing the high school sexism many teenagers have had to endure for generations before. Therefore it was only … Read More

Adele’s “Hello” in a Rock Version with Lukas Rossi

23rd November 2015 | 1

Did you watch Rockstar Supernova nine years ago? If you did, you might remember one of it’s contestants Lukas Rossi. What do you think of his version of the new Adele hit ‘Hello’?


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What’s In Your Handbag Sophie Churcher? JumbleStyle

23rd November 2015 |

For this ‘What’s In Your Handbag?’ feature, Bjournal spoke to Sophie Churcher who runs jumblestyleblog. After finishing university and moving to Brighton, Sophie decided to combine her love of writing, Brighton and her penchant for second hand clothes and create … Read More