May 22, 2024

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Charlene Yee alleges misuse of Taika Waititi’s film ‘Time Bandits’ at Apple

Charlene Yee alleges misuse of Taika Waititi’s film ‘Time Bandits’ at Apple

Charlene Yee alleged that they were “physically assaulted multiple times by an actor, as well as psychological abuse” while filming Time Bandits, the upcoming Apple TV+ series from Taika Waititi and produced by Paramount Television Studios. They also said they were “forced to leave” the project and were denied workers’ compensation for an alleged back injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In a statement to diverseA Paramount spokesperson said: “The safety of our cast and crew is very important to us, and we take all concerns brought to our attention seriously. At the time the complaint was filed, Paramount Television Studios had conducted a full investigation regarding the allegations brought to our attention. While all investigations are confidential and we cannot comment on details, additional steps have been taken to address concerns.

Additionally, a source close to the show claims that the incident Yee refers to occurred on camera and involved a fellow actor running or bumping into and grabbing them during a scene in which the actors were running. The source did not deny that Ye suffered a back injury, nor did he comment on the cause of any injury. They dispute Yee’s claims that their workers’ compensation claim was denied, saying that the studio helped them receive payments from the third party responsible for workers’ compensation and that Yee is actively working with that party to receive additional payments.

diverse They attempted to contact Yi for additional information through their listed agency and attorney, as well as through Instagram, but did not immediately receive a response. Along with their allegations, Yee said they are looking for a new manager and lawyer to represent them regarding the “time bandit” complaints.

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Yee, who plays Judy in the series, made the allegations Via Instagram on May 7 with a comment saying: “Instead of asking ‘Why did it take so long to speak up’ why don’t we ask ‘What are the institutions and conditions that make it unsafe?’”

Along with allegations of physical and psychological abuse and denial of workers’ compensation, Yee said they were “humiliated by co-workers, producers and HR,” and that before the investigation was conducted, HR told them they could “leave with integrity” instead. From a show that the alleged abuser can leave the show. Yee also says they were asked to “submit to [their] The abuser is not even physically assaulted [them] More”, and that they were exposed to suicidal ideation even though they had not previously been “prone to thinking in this way.”

Yi expanded on this issue in Post again on Instagram Picture text messages with “Chinese medicine doc” in the caption that also says: “I couldn’t even stand up straight without severe pain, I couldn’t sleep, and I was constantly breaking out in chronic pain. I want my workers to help me heal my back and my disorder Post-traumatic stress disorder from physical assaults and psychological abuse in the Time Bandits group.

In the first post, Yee also says they are “tired of retaliation” and “have been met with blacklisting, death threats, threats of being sued, and fired – anytime.” [they] “They have spoken.” And in 2018, they claimed they had Marilyn Manson harassment while filming “House” In 2021 they published about Trying to leave James Franco’s “Disaster Artist.” After learning of the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

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The source close to the show confirms that Yi resigned before production on “Time Bandits” wrapped, but refutes the claim that they were forced to do so. Instead, this source claims that after the official investigation was unable to substantiate Yee’s claims, the actor was given the option to continue working or leave the production without fulfilling his contract, and that they are still being paid for all the episodes originally made. To appear in.

Time Bandits was filmed in New Zealand and production wrapped in January 2023. The source says the incident between Yee and their co-star occurred more than 18 months ago, which puts it before mid-November 2022.

Yi’s character will still appear in the series finale. Their character was written out of episodes filmed after they left.

When asked For comment, representatives for Waititi and Apple TV+ referred the matter to Paramount.

“Time Bandits” is based on the 1981 Terry Gilliam film of the same name. Along with Waititi, executive producers include Jemaine Clement, Ian Morris and Garrett Bash. Produced by Paramount in association with Anonymous Content’s AC Studios and MRC Television.