April 13, 2024

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Cher reminds the “haters” that she can hold anyone’s hand she wants

Cher reminds the "haters" that she can hold anyone's hand she wants


Twitter may not be big enough to remember that Cher does what she wants.

The 76-year-old icon was recently captured holding the hand of rapper and music director Alexander “E” Edwards, 36, in West Hollywood.

People on social media had questions, and Cher had plenty of answers.

the singer I replied with a smiley emoji surrounded by hearts For someone tweeted at her to ask, “Is this your new guy!?”

Share answered “yes” To someone else who asked via Twitter if she and Edwards met at Paris Fashion Week.

As he turned to little Q&A, Cher tweeted Edwards Treat her like a queen (using Emoji Crown) and That everyone in her family has met him.

Edwards was previously linked to television personality, podcast publisher, and entrepreneur Amber Rose, with whom he shares his young son, Slash.

Some of Cher’s followers expressed concern that both Rose and Edwards had spoken out about him being unfaithful when they were a couple.

When one of her followers tweeted that Edwards “has a history of cheating” and shared an article about it, Cher responded in a tweet, “BABE ENGLISH IS MY FIRST LANGUAGE.”

“OK [heart emoji] Don’t be blinded by it,” Cher Books. “I know what I know… It doesn’t always mean fish [fire emoji]. ”

She also had a word for opponents.

“I am not defending us. Haters will hate…” Cher tweeted. “It doesn’t matter that we’re happy and we don’t bother anyone.”

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