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Brighton Journal | 6th December 2019

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Christmas House on Amberley Drive

Christmas House on Amberley Drive
Hannah Midgley

image1 (3)We thought that as it’s only ten days until Christmas, we would do something a bit different for Charity Tuesday this week. If you live in the Hangleton area, you may have noticed lots of lights coming from a house on Amberley Drive. Lyn and image4 (1)Michael Farnes have been lighting up their street with Christmas lights for the past ten years, and their spectacular display just keeps on growing. Not only are there hundreds and hundreds of Christmas lights, but there is also a full nativity scene, a Christmas tree, reindeer pulling a sleigh and more snowmen and Santa statues you could possibly count. There is also a wishing well, in which passers-by are encouraged to donate some money to three charities Lyn has chosen. Speaking to the Argus, she says “We love Christmas and we just love doing this every year. When I’m in the lounge I can hear the squeals of excitement outside, the children go mad for it. It is a lot of work for Michael. Not only does he have to put all the lights up but he makes the reindeers and the sleigh. The electricity bill is always a bit higher but it’s worth it…my children and grandchildren love it, especially my seven-year-old Roni-Jo. Her schoolfriends call her Christmas girl and say she lives in the Christmas house. We will be keeping the decorations up until New Year’s Day and everyone is invited to come and have a look and donate what they can to charity.”image2 (2)

The charities this year are three animal charities called Kitty in the City, City Cats and Beak and Squeak. Talking about their charities of choice, Lyn said “Unfortunately I think a lot of animal charities are forgotten at this time of year so we like to do what we can for them. They are three really great charities”. Having visited myself, I can truly say it’s an incredible sight that really puts you in the festive spirit. It’s a wonderful thing for the Farnes to do, particularly as they are expecting nothing in return but donations to charities they care about. The house is on Amberley Drive in Hangleton if you want to pop along, you can’t miss it!!



Holly Martin

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